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Chamber of Commerce Completes Trifecta of Corporate Love for TPP



The only question that remains is what can possibly be done now to stop this Juggernaut from coming into legitimacy and wrecking the future of the 99%. I invite the brightest and most knowledgeable readers to put your suggestions froward in this final hour. At least we have the numbers on our side...


the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM),
and the Business Roundtable (BRT)

holy anchovies Batman,
the axis of evil is out to get us Big Time!

(with a little help from their minions in
Congress and the White House)


"we’re rolling up our sleeves to work with the administration, Congress and our TPP partners to ensure the agreement is implemented in a way that maximizes its commercial benefits, including market access, rules, and intellectual property protections" ...

.... at the expense of human beings.


Elect Bernie Sanders and educate people about the TPP.


What is the best and quickest way to educate people and what would be the most effective way of 'raising hell"?


and the environment. The Chamber of Commerce is just a big powerful club for rich men. Unfortunately many US citizens are against solidarity, even by 99% of the population which will lose by TPP.


I fear that word of mouth and ordinary channels of information would be too slow...
If we only have a few months, it's time for desperate measures! We need to push the buttons and get the reaction on MASS scale, there is no time for slow solutions.. I live in Australia and people here are unaware.. But what works in US generally would work here. I'm looking for ways to motivate and organize resistance, but have no experience in that. Any tips?


Something that seems to have almost disappeared from the public scene are bumper stickers. We need to advertise the existence of these "Free Trade" horrors to a wider audience. I have a 'Stop TTIP' sign in the rear window of my car in the hope that it might pique someone's interest. But if there were hundreds of similar rear windows/bumpers with similar messages people might begin to feel left out if they didn't know what it was all about. These days many people could use their computers and printers to create signs for their cars. Perhaps then we would no longer simply be preaching (lamenting) to the choir.