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'Champion for Educators and Working Class': Nevada's Largest Teachers Union Endorses Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/champion-educators-and-working-class-nevadas-largest-teachers-union-endorses-sanders


Great news! Makes me even happier to be a citizen of the state of Nevada, of the Northern part of this state. All that AND legal pot!!


Thank you teachers of Nevada, this is good news.

So how about it striking teachers across the country, AZ., IL., WV., etc., no other candidate has stood with you and promoted your agenda like Bernie Sanders, step-up and join your fellow teachers of Nevada.


So if and when is AFT going to endorse someone in the primary?

Lol, CNN and Warren! Your plans aren’t working! Bernie keeps getting huge endorsements even as you make up lies. The lies aren’t even very good. Each lie over the last few days gets more obvious and inane. So tell us about that big endorsement that you got from Julian Castro Warren campaign. Then you can tell us about how you are dropping in the polls and are so desperate that you are probably attacking Bernie hoping to help Biden. Maybe he will let you be VP.
Or maybe you are acting on the advice of Hillary, you are sure to get some attention on CNN tonight.

Bernie 2020


Question: What is the difference between Bernie, Neoliberal Nancy, Moscow Mitch, all the presidential candidates running against Bernie, and Greenland?

Answer: Bernie and Greenland aren’t for sale.


It’s starting to look like 2008 for Liz. Then it was Hillary coming in second to Obama. Now it looks like it could be Liz coming in second to Bernie.
Bernie’s endorsements keep growing. How about some law and order agencies signing on?