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Change in Spain: Podemos or No Podemos?


Change in Spain: Podemos or No Podemos?

Belén Fernández

In a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Spain's interior minister and candidate for Congress Jorge Fernandez Diaz revealed that he possesses his very own guardian angel named Marcelo, who helps him with tasks such as parking the car. Coming from a man who awards national policing medals to statues of the Virgin Mary, such expressions of faith are not enormously surprising.


I am delighted to find Belén again. I have bought and read her book "Coffee with Hezbollah" and lots of articles in Jacobin. I knew nothing recent about Podemos and am glad to have this info.


so the 2d party of hope for european resistance might be going under as well. you have to wonder how much of the greek financial war affected podemos' politics.

in any event, good to see sister Belen on a site like this one. Normally I read her on herown blog or lefty outlets like CP or Jacobin, where she's on the board.

Thanks CD for not being too chicken to publish a red...:smile:


Could this not be said about the U.S. congress and its current priorities?

"Much of the devastation was a result of the fact that, in exemplary neoliberal fashion, the Spanish powers that be had shunted blame for the crisis onto the lower echelons of society, slashing education, healthcare, and other necessities and evicting people en masse from their homes. Meanwhile, those same powers continued to indulge in the privileges of institutional corruption."

A conclusion drawn from the Paris COP21 talks showed something analogous: that rich countries enjoyed years of industrialization through which to profit, but now the idea of sharing the responsibility puts a disproportionate burden on still developing nations.

This neo-liberal model is a global blueprint. It's being done to Greece, the U.S., and Spain and one can find evidence of it beginning to show up in U.K, Canada, and elsewhere.


": "[W]orkers would gain bargaining power vis-a-visthe employer since the
financial security held out by a guaranteed basic income could lessen
the pressure on workers to accept jobs under more or less abusive

That would spell the end of corporate feudalism. Dear me, can't have that!


"We Can"

But we won't


...they won't, and consequently they won't inspire enough voters to support them either. What a wasted opportunity. Will have to wait until yet another election cycle.