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Changing This Bumbling Narcissist Impossible, So We Must Depose Him


Changing This Bumbling Narcissist Impossible, So We Must Depose Him

William E. Connolly

Dear Donald Trump:

I write this short note to you shortly after you have moved to cancel participation of the United States in the Paris Climate Accord. I know that many believe you are a stumbling, bumbling narcissist who does not think deeply about anything but himself and the mood of the base he is so eager to maintain. But I see things just a bit differently.


Too much focus on getting rid of him and not eniugh on planning to identify and oust his " ilk."


Do you want their exit 'Slow and Easy', or 'Cold, Hard, and Fast?'

There are many options available to the People of the United States.

It will depend a lot on the level of personal sacrifice each is willing to make.


What odd, stilted language for such a short letter. And I've rarely seen such presumption of motive in anything even pretending to be objective analysis. No, this screed was written by someone that can brook no disagreement. It's all or nothing with Mr. Connolly.never mind that there are thousands of scientists who agree that humans have an impact on the climate, but disagree on the relative magnitude of that impact. If all you have are models, then you have lots of room to question the assumptions that are inevitable in building a computer model of a complex system.


Pretty funny, your slant on this when one considers that you're defending trump.