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Channeling Trump, Anti-Refugee Bill Approved by US House Committee



Is this not reminiscent of pre WW-2 era refusal of Jewish emigrants being refused entry into several European Countries and A ship of emigrants actually being refused entry into the United States- The Holocaust might well have been avoided had this very same reasoning still going on today, had not been endorsed?
We need comprehensive immigration reform, and we need it NOW-


Raul Labrador is one crazy Tea Party hack who will follow ALEC and support all the absolutely heinous, mean-spirited, and destructive legislation that is introduced on the floor of the House so it is not surprising that he would author a xenophobic, inhumane bill such as this. He is a scion for the white supremacist groups in northern Idaho (a hotbed of Nazi flags and survivalists) that just happen to reside in Congressional District 1 (drawn along western borders of Washington State and Oregon) from the northern border with Canada to southern border with Nevada. A real turncoat when it comes to immigration as his family emigrated from Puerto Rico to the US (Las Vegas, NV) when he was 8 years old...guess he figures that once he and his relatives got in, then the doors to others coming in should be barred. He follows the far right, Tea Party/ALEC playbook to the letter when even doing so harms his compadres of Hispanic origin, which is par for the course.


Is it a coincidence that most of the current wave of refugees seeking asylum are from nations on which the US has unleashed its military force?

The US began creating refugees with its concerted plan to "eliminate" and "remove" or "relocate" the indigenous people of what is now the US. These were the terms used by American presidents. The natives were an obstacle in the path of "manifest destiny", - the very weak and immoral excuse for American imperialism. Back then it was land and slaves, today it is oil and all the other resources from water to wood.


Won't the president veto the bill?


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