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Chants of 'Equal Pay!' Ring Out for World Cup Champs as Fans Back US Women's Fight for Gender Parity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/chants-equal-pay-ring-out-world-cup-champs-fans-back-us-womens-fight-gender-parity

Give the women more is the wrong answer. Give the men less is the correct answer.

Professional athletes are grossly overpaid as are too many other “professions”.

“Equal Pay” weren’t the only chants to come out of the world cup win. I’m not trying to down play the equal pay message, I believe in it, but the beginning of the video linked below is funny. Pay attention to the people in the background, the fact Fox let it play out is dumbfounding.


Even though I played a little soccer in high school, it wasn’t until I lived in England for three years (1977-80), that I really got hooked. I’ve had season tickets to F.C. Bayern (before they started calling them ‘Bayern Munich’), and watched them play home matches in the old Olympic stadium in the early 80’s.

I still enjoy the men’s game, which I watch rather fanatically. But I’ve also tried to never miss watching the U.S. Women’s National Team play, because they are absolutely first rate, as their record clearly substantiates.

It was an absolute joy to watch them win their second-in-a-row World Cup against tough competition, primarily from the European countries.

That they make such a pitance compared to their male counterparts, without even a semblance of parity in performance to show for the pay gap is insultingly appalling.

“At this moment of tremendous pride for America…”

I feel no pride at all over this. It had nothing to do with me whatsoever.

If women’s soccer is pulling in as much as men’s soccer, and the women players aren’t happy with being the junior members in a league built for men’s soccer, why don’t they form their own league?