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Chaos Erupts in Paris as Riot Police Unleash on 50,000-Strong Labor Protest


Chaos Erupts in Paris as Riot Police Unleash on 50,000-Strong Labor Protest

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

French police unleashed tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators Tuesday as tens of thousands packed the streets of Paris in an outpouring of opposition to the government's anti-labor agenda.

The CGT labor union, which helped organized the march, hoped Tuesday's mobilization would be the largest since protests launched over new labor standards, which allow employers to more easily fire workers and create precarious, lower paid positions in place of permanent contracts.


Seems that fascism is rearing its ugly head everywhere, even in France which has historically supported free speech without violent intervention. Hollande is making some serious errors as he walks along the path of leadership...hubris seems to be rampant these days. His nemesis will be a complete breakdown of France's ability to function as an economic entity if he doesn't tread softly. Vive la France!


A broken window is an insurance claim, not violence. A stone thrown at somebody dressed up in riot gear like a Jedi warrior is not an attack. This is a rowdy protest. When a real riot happens, it will be Tianmen square and other such mowing down of the people. Unless the police refuse orders to shoot, which is also possible and a wonderful outcome..


Fight back against the Fascism!


"Strikes against anti-worker labor reform shut down Eiffel Tower and city transportation" The strikes are against the pro-employer changes to French law and not against 'reform.' The word 'reform' has a meaning and a good one. Don't assist the debasement of this word by allowing it to be applied to pro-capitalist deforms.


Indeed. I've noticed that the word "reform" in the context of governmental action is a reliable red-flag that we are going to be scr*wed (again).