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Charged With 'Shocking Pattern of Illegality,' Trump Foundation Agrees to Dissolve


Charged With 'Shocking Pattern of Illegality,' Trump Foundation Agrees to Dissolve

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump family's charity, the Trump Foundation, agreed to dissolve Tuesday amid a lawsuit filed by New York State which accuses the organization of a "shocking pattern of illegality"—but the Trumps' legal troubles won't end with the dissolution.


Happy Holidays!


What I find far more shocking is the way a near-majority of USAns (including a majority of my co-workers) regard such criminal fraud as utterly immaterial matter because of the perceived economic benefits they have enjoyed from his administration. As they say: "Tired of so much winning yet?


Happily nibbling away at the lifetime of Donald’s corruption and criminal
activities –

Let’s hope we are able to bring down this corrupt administration before it builds
its WALL or succeeds any further in its destructiveness –

Resignation as suggested by Chris Matthews?

If so, we should start impeachment of Pence immediately thereafter.


Even typing the words “President Pelosi” makes me feel icky. Maybe the Ds will be smart enough to make A O-C speaker instead? (not that I’m holding my breath)


Fortunately the attorney general’s office in NYS is controlled by Democrats. I don’t think this would happen if Trump had been based in Mobile, Alabama. Maybe his biggest mistake was not moving his foundation to the Deep South when the going was good. It does seem criminals usually do slip up somewhere.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t old enough to be president. She has a few years to go. Or maybe the age requirement would not apply if Trump and Pence were out.


My preference is Tulsi Gabbard, same vs Bernie in 2020.


I saw her do a town hall meeting in NH on C-SPAN not long ago—very impressive.


Is it really likely that Trump would resign which could make him more vulnerable
to legal actions/lawsuits/criminal charges?

Guess we also better hope that Pence has profited from this corruption along the way.

And Straw Poll makes clear that the public wants BERNIE SANDERS.


I don’t think that any of this is really a surprise, what is astounding is that he got away with it for so long and is just shutting it down now. Lady justice has been ignoring this clown for decade’s concerning a litany of illegality and malfeasance, he has been scamming and cheating and lying his entire life, so much so that he believes he is untouchable, so far he has been, except for a few chicken shit fines now and then. I mean W.T.F.? There is a ton of dirt surrounding him.He could shoot someone on 5th.ave and Giuliani would say no crime he only winged them.


Anand Giridharadas Is of course 100% correct but so what in this case? We should be able to prosecute them all -
This was fraud right? Where are the criminal charges for Trump and family? When are the trials? Where is the jail time? Where is the asset forfeiture? Apparently no where in sight. Instead they get to quietly shut down AND even decide what ‘charity’ gets their assets??? Holy mother of god…


What took so long?


So how much jail time? The same as for his fraudulent college?


You know you could run for Speaker? They don’t have to be a sitting Member.


It’s about time they vetted Trump and his money.


NBC says they paid djtj’s Boy Scouts enrollment fee ($6.00) from the foundation. That almost offends me more than the portrait.


Sleeping well donald?


Yeah but it was for the boy scouts. And it speaks to his generosity. let’s face it, he could of pulled some strings and got the fee waived for executive privilege.


This helps illustrate just what the Corporation was designed to do. As a Limited Liability Corporation this allows the OWNER class to perform illegal activities and be shielded from the law.

The Clinton Foundation is another such enterprise and is every bit as Corrupt.

They have to dismantle these structures so the Trumps of the world face jail time for illegal activities.