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Charles Koch Says "It's Possible" That Another President Clinton Would Be Best Choice for His Interests


Charles Koch Says "It's Possible" That Another President Clinton Would Be Best Choice for His Interests

Jon Queally, staff writer

When the oligarchs speak, take it with a grain of salt. Or a wheelbarrel full.

But in an interview on ABC's "This Week" which aired Sunday morning, billionaire industrialist and philanthropist of the far-right Charles Koch says given the performance of former president Bill Clinton and her own record, he thinks "it's possible" that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be better at fulfilling his libertarian and pro-business agenda than any of the Republicans currently in the running.


At generation two, this wretched family of inherited wealth does not represent America:


Note to the potentially deluded:

Koch's nod to Clinton does not mean that any of the Republican candidates - including the one who is causing so much panic among mainline Republican strategists - represent anything "better" than Clinton.


Good point. Unfortunately, we might be left with only tiny increments of difference, but as Chomsky often points out, tiny increments in the political sphere provide the space for change IF we get off our asses and organize.

Hillary being all but endorsed by a Koch is really a sad statement of the political reality though.


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A great endorsement for the candidate of big-money, banker/Wall Street greed, corporate fascism, big-oil/pharma/ag, and corrupt business as usual!

Hillary Clinton, one of the best DINO politicians money can buy!


Maybe you didn't notice that WHEN Bernie points ANYTHING out loud and clear either Hillary insists it's an ATTACK on her; or her media minions go to work COMPLETELY deconstructing the true meaning of his messages and putting their own counterfeits in their place.

The Kochs like Clinton because what does more for the Koch Brothers' goal to be FREE to pollute, exploit, and abuse workers and the environment than treaties like NAFTA and deregulation of banking, and so forth?

What better strategy was there than to turn the Democratic party into another subsidiary of Big Business while retaining the ILLUSION of another brand, and an actual choice?

If the super-delegates manage to crown Hillary queen... then all pretenses of a functioning Democracy have been flushed down the toilet.


THANK YOU... Now we are seeing the Real Hillary... With the support of this Koch Brother, maybe others will wake up to the True Hillary.


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Can't wait for Bernie to bring this up at his next rally.


what makes so many think that the democratic party is any more progressive than the clintons ever were? they are protecting their asses and fiefdoms by supporting hillary and bernie threatens all of them except a handful who truly are progressive. we need to continue building for a new third party that truly represents the 99%. that is on us.


Is there any evidence that Hillary is a global warming denier like Trump? Is there evidence that Hillary is a racist xenophobe like Trump? Has Hillary called for formally legalizing torture like Trump? Has Hilary called for tearing up the Iran agreement like Trump?

What is the 25% you agree with? Getting rid of Obamacare and replacing it with, well, nothing? Opposing global trade agreements - until they throw in provisions favorable to real estate developers?

Use you faculties of logic and reason for crying out loud!


Here it is folks-----HC's ties to the behemoths of greed and destruction. Please tell me how people can ignore this and vote for her:

" It's not just Wall Street banks. Most companies and groups that paid Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to speak between 2013 and 2015 have lobbied federal agencies in recent years, and more than one-third are government contractors, an Associated Press review has found. Their interests are sprawling and would follow Clinton to the White House should she win election this fall."



The last thing the Koch brothers want is someone like Donald Trump, who is not an economic conservative, to take over the Republican Party. All of their efforts to use their money to control government so that it supports their right wing ideology and the profits of their company could be lost. Since defeating Trump would be their number one priority it is not that much a stretch to think the Koch brothers would actually support Hillary or Bernie in a general election to prevent Trump from winning with hope for better luck with a Republican presidential candidate in 2020.


It will not only be flushed down the toilet, it will also back up the septic system.
If Koch thinks Hillary might be the best choice, it just justifies what Sanders has been saying all along, that democracy in this country is up for sale to the highest bidder.


by having us do it for him. How much does it cost for a full page ad in some of the California print media?


GeorgeOrwell: Dick....Cheney has also all but come out and said that Slickery wouldn't be such a bad deal. Back handed endorsement, I would posture.... I think Rober Kagan, another extreme right wing neocon has said he could live with her as well...Not good.


Just one of the many things Clinton voters have to ignore.


The HRC strategy to gain the White House would seem akin to Nixons "Southern Strategy". It appears what she is counting on as she alienates many in the democratic party, is the support of the Republican voter and the type that support Koch.

In essence people like Gloria Steinham and others that have come out for HRC (because she is a woman) are wanting the same things the Koch brothers do and see that being delivered in the person of one HRC.

Now this hardly a revelation. Mr Sanders has been pointing out that it Wall Street and these same billionaires and millionaires that are flooding the Clinton campaign with money. Any person with an iota of intelligence would have known this all along and would not have needed this pseudo endorsement of Hilary from one of the Koch brothers to arrive at that conclusion. That they persisted in the HRC support demonstrates on of the failings in a democracy of the people as modelled. Just as with Donald Trump , too many will self identify with an HRC or a Donald Trump because /s/he is White, Black, Female, Male, hates Mexicans, likes Mexicans and so on and so forth and thus is on "their side" looking after " their interests. This sort of thing happens in virtually every country , here in Canada as example and abroad to one degree or another. The degree to which it applies in any given nation is related directly to the degree to which the concept of Community and the people has been sacrificed in favor of self interest and the individual.

It my opinion that when choosing a candidate for political office "we the people" have to select the person who is going to do best for the other rather than the self and in particular the poor, the underprivileged the environment and all of those things we as individuals may not benefit from directly even as those "others" might.. "self Interest" is killing us and the world around.

The focus of neoliberalism in the Western Countries has been to take care of that small percentage that already have too much and they in turn would take care of us. We can all see the disaster that strategy has led to. The way forward is to help those at the very bottom rungs of the ladder first and foremost.