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Charleston Shooter Gets Nine Life Sentences, Likely Ending Case


Charleston Shooter Gets Nine Life Sentences, Likely Ending Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who shot and killed nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church in 2015, on Monday was handed nine consecutive life sentences for murder charges, on top of the federal death sentence he received in January.


"'I'm the one who forgave you in the bond hearing, and I still do today,' said Nadine Collier, daughter of slain parishioner Ethel Lance, referring to the proceeding days after the shooting in which the victims' families addressed Roof for the first time. 'He came here to start a battle, but I win the war.... This chapter in my life...is closed. I will not open that book again.'

'I just want to say,' she added, 'have mercy on your soul.'"

One beautiful human being (by saying which I mean to take NOTHING away from any family member, friend, or other who does not share Nadine Collier's views -- I just mean to say what I said.)


Time to get this story right - Dylann Roof is a Christian, white terrorist.
For every slaughter like this, it is time to accurately document what actually happened so that we do not misunderstand an Islamic terrorist.
Having forgotten that Christian terrorism is also a serious issue in our world, people target others not realizing they are supporting their own malevolents.
Don't mistake the perpetrator with the unrelated wider group. Do connect the perpetrator to the actual group that supports his/her misdirected violence. Demonizing the wider group inaccurately and punitively causes much more trouble.
Targeting the malevolents doesn't require surveillance of the whole population and saves billions by directing resources towards the individuals that need special direction. How many violent extremists are on the radar of authorities but remain without appropriate surveillance due to lack of funding! How many Christian terrorists are in this category?
Dylann Roof is a terrorist. Who else talks like him yet remains free to terrorize?
Too many.