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Charlie Rose, #MeToo and the Eternal Possibility of White, Male Redemption


Charlie Rose, #MeToo and the Eternal Possibility of White, Male Redemption

Christian Christensen

Deep down, even in the most jaded corners of our minds, I think we all knew that it wouldn't take long. That those celebrities accused of sexual harassment and assault during the #MeToo movement would inevitably find a way to re-enter the public sphere, and do so quickly. There would, of course, be claims of newfound humility. Lessons learned. A respect for "social boundaries" previously shrouded in the mysterious haze of generational difference, too many drinks, unfettered power and jokes that went too far.


Yes, thanks for this piece. And: we can take these observations further, and render them more useful.

What Mr. Rose is doing is a predictable behavior of habituated social predators. Anything that arises is an opportunity for them to garner and control more “supply”: more of the creative energy of others. Misery, conflict and chaos are the preferred food of the psychic microorganisms with which social predators are thoroughly infected. So a talk show inviting male “victims” of the #metoo movement to air their “pain” is a great investment in long-term food security for them.

It’s not only the consumer capitalist system of the U.S. that validates and rewards such “farming” of violence by social predators. It’s the entire system of modernity, the whole paradigm of mental supremacy.

It is this mode of consciousness that gave rise to capitalism, to positive-interest currency, to “economics” that glorifies humanity’s “right” to take and take and take from the rest of our relations.

It is this mode of consciousness that rewards us for perceiving our relations not as living, feeling co-creators of Life, but rather as objects. Fit only for our use, consumption and then discard.

Mental supremacy aims to make us all into psychopathic greed monsters, into narcissists. Social predators are driven to reproduce themselves as surely as are all other Life forms. They don’t need to have physical sex to reproduce themselves; they can simply use mastery of social mammalian biology to entrain others in their violent ways of moving, perceiving, feeling and acting. The rest of the process takes care of itself.

And as long as we imagine “others” are the problem in this evolutionary struggle, while we being certain that we ourselves are blameless, we pass this deadly plague on…

Too bad I still feel so much curiosity about how events are playing out on modernity’s crumbling world stage! Otherwise I would stop reading “the news” entirely. Because as long as “the news” continues to obscure this root dynamic driving all the specific events unfolding now, it feeds the mental supremacy dis-ease.

The media can be, and generally is, a potent agent for propagating mental supremacy. I continue to pray to live to see the day when people want to make and share news regarding our collective awakening to greater Self-Knowledge. To liberation from the paradigm of mental supremacy.


I say let Charlie Rose have his show. I want to see, hear who would come on his show. I want to hear from men who have been preyed upon: like Harvey Weinstein accused by actors Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek of inappropriate sexual conduct. I want to hear from young men that were abused by women in positions of power. There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.


War criminal, traitor and drug kingpin Oliver North has his own TV show. Charlie Rose is a comparative piker. That’s what the “channel+/-” and “off” buttons are for.


But I don’t want a privileged man who has been the serial perpetrator/ abuser compering it.
That would be truly disgusting.


"Regardless of what happens with the show, however, the very fact that this distasteful idea is “out there” and being discussed in semi-serious terms is a testament to the enduring power of patriarchy to make men the victims, even when they are the perpetrators of the crime. "

So true - and going back to Biblical times - blaming Eve for Adam taking a bite of the apple. He could have said “no”.


What criminal charges are Charlie Rose, or, say, Garrison Keillor, or Al Franken, facing?


So this Christensen guy is mocking redemption and forgiveness. So would he be happy if Charlie Rose, or Garrison Keillor, or Al Franken committed suicide? Hell, why wait for them to do that? Organize a mob and lynch them!


Great post! Very nicely put!


The conceit and extreme separatism and supremacism of “I think, therefore I am.”

Thanks for joining this forum. i appreciate your contributions so far.



I still like the concept of redemption and forgiveness though - and I thought that this article was going to advocate for that, not mock it.


You sound like another Rose - SiouxRose :blush:


The sickly scent of smelling like a Rose


I am a woman. The system is so used to these not going anywhere that it tries to discourage women from pursuing charges and the most important thing - the police report.

They have to file a police report. They have to demand to file one because the police will try to talk them out of it. they have to not mention it to their attacker because he will threaten to sue. Been there. Done that.

Do you know what happens next? The lawyer of one of his more dilligent victims who also bothered to go to the police contacts you and you get to stand in court and finally tell your story. Without that police report however, you screwed over the next woman and it’s unlikely it will make it to court for her.

No police report, and IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. It’s just he said/she said.

Women are massively guilty for not bothering with that police report.

Any guy any of you get attacked by is the complements of several women he already attacked not bothering to so much as report him.

Rose McGowan taking a pay off to not talk about it still makes me seething mad.

That Dickenson woman who I think took a pay off by cosby to say she lied sure did a number on the other women he attacked, didn’t she? Sure it didn’t sink the trial but it sure threatened to.

Women need to teach their daughters to demand to file no matter what. Most will not have anything worth suing for in their 20’s so can ignore the attacker’s threats.

The circus of yelling out guys names to sink them with no police report is just that. And, look who it’s run by - a woman who took a pay off and left him for others. Heck, she brought women too that company including her friend who said she was a virgin when he rapped her. I’m not sure why that woman isn’t suing Rose McGowan as well as Weinstein. I would be.
honestly it’s as mindnumbing as charile rose. Boy do these roses stink.

I want to say one more thing, I had a friend call me in the early 2000’s because the guy she was with was threatening to kill her. I demanded she make a police report on it and get out, with her kids. She fought me all the way. I used to work at a police department so know that report trail is everything. She filed because I was her friend and made her. then about a year later when she was trying to get custody of her kids in the divorce - it’s why she got custody. It swung it in her favor. Until we can get women to wake up and demand to file, the rapists and attackers run free. I had a woman come up to me and say - oh he attacked me too, when I got attacked. Gee, I was the only one to file a police report up to that time. I told her to go file one too and she never made it there. thank god I filed.


Well there is a large region between redemption and lynching. In a different type of case, I knew a Christian who argued that Jimmy Baker would be a great leader if he was forgiven and then lead his flock because he would truly understand the important concept of Christian forgiveness. As an atheist, I argued this guy can go to jail and then work in McDonalds. In the case of Rose (who I can’t stand regardless of his harassment history), he doesn’t have to find his redemption back on the airwaves - there is plenty of volunteer work he can do in poverty stricken America or the rest of the world. Plenty of better people can take his place on the airwaves. Franken I have more respect for, but still wouldn’t vote for him if he moved to CA. Hopefully he can find something productive to do with his time.


Agreed, the wealthy Charlie Rose is hardly a poster child for redemption. but this article (by a white Swedish male) referred to “while males” as being unworthy of redemption. Bit harsh?


It is hard to see how capitalizing for financial profit on one’s pseudo rependance equates to redemption.


“Where is the TV program for Moore’s accuser? Where are the programs where actual #MeToo victims speak to other actual #MeToo victims?”

An inquisition type show where the victims can gang up on their perps one at a time would would be a more appropriate show. And think how much money the advertisers would make. Woman have had to endure witch hunts, being hanged and or burned since the middle ages so when can we have our time for outrageous justice on Tv?


I do not see where the author states that “white males” are unworthy of redemption. What he states that providing a forum on mass media for the privileged few is a luxury that is not afforded to other groups of people who seek redemption. For example due to the policy of three strikes and your are out you find people who stole a 120$ jacket get incarcerated for life.


this film is available on Netflix
Watch it to become informed.