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Charlottesville Coalition to March 10 Days to DC to Confront White Supremacy


Charlottesville Coalition to March 10 Days to DC to Confront White Supremacy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In response to the violent white supremacist gatherings that killed one and injured dozens in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month, a coalition of community members, students, and clergy have organized a 10-day, 112-mile march.


Thank you Charlottesville Coalition. Some good news.


Good luck to you Charlottesville!


Headlines today should be the unprecedented disaster (that was forecast by Eric Holthaus and others) that is unfolding in Texas along with the fact that we will be facing more of these disasters as the climate warms due to human induced warming.

This may dwarf Katrina.

MSM just beginning to catch on to how dire this is: the f—ing/barbaric/ “fight” was more important. And of course Trump/repub news.

This is only the beginning of climate catastrophes throughout the world as humans continue to destroy the biosphere.

For live coverage click on links below and scroll down to the excellent comment section. Wunderground and a Houston station (that is now under water) were the only ones covering this last night.

Scroll to bottom of this link for live updates:

and a hero in our times:



I hope that once they arrive in Washington DC, their signs all say the following :slight_smile:

~McConnell ~Resign


Instead of making Trump resign and giving us Pence and the fascists, we should be having a referendum calling for new elections.

Grassroots Direct Democracy


You seem to live in the universe of alternative facts. Which is not what CommonDreams is.


This is exactly what people should be doing. We must overcome apathy. And we all learn the ugly truth about the confederacy. We must face American history and not continue to allow the white supremacists to cover it up with a false history.


Why were white supremacist and antisemitic protesters who came to protest the removal of the statue of a man who fought to defend slavery of black people carrying weapons and shields? Generally when people assemble for a peaceful protest they expect protection from the police and don’t arrive armed to the hilt.


You are full of shit.


What about white TRASH! Hope it’s ok to antagonize these scumbags!


This is another “impeach Trump” distraction. Want Pence? We’ll be getting the same disastrous policies with either, and with either party. I agree- climate disaster is here, and we have NO TIME if we are to prevent the extinction of our species. All else is secondary. Not to diminish the importance of everything else under the social injustice umbrella. But we need to talk about concrete policy and look at what they are enacting while this side-show is going on.


Lofty goals…right on. Prepare to Occupy in place.(Washington D.C.) Let the rest of your affinity groups catch up. Ie.) BLM, Our Revolution, move-over, OWS, Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life💦, ResistFascism and of course Divide The Wright.
General strike: Nov. 8th till The Orange Anus and cabinet/family members are gone and hopefully locked away.
Takin it to the streets…


Join us… The time is NOW!


Get a clue. We all have lives. Right now the urgent need is to remove the Mango Mussolini/family and cabinet members. History will prove us right and be thankful. Get off Faux News, Sinclair broadcasting and into the streets. Your country is counting on YOU.


Resign- DeVos and Prince of the shadows.


I have a feeling most of the posters on this site are white people. I doubt if white people who post here need you to tell them about white people. Many whites believe in racial equality and racial, religious, and ethnic tolerance. Those preaching hate, racism, and antisemiticism are not preaching Amencan values. Rather, they are still preaching the values of the discredited confederacy which was willing to fight the United State to keep black people as slaves.


Do you really want to have a conversation with Jack?


What did parading around a synagogue shouting “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and Soil” have to do with a statue, unless that statue represents a racial claim?


Side show? So let’s talk about climate change policies. While the Trumpists hold executive power, legislative power, and fill the courts. Where is the main stage in your mind?