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Charlottesville, Oppression, and the Imperative of System Change

Charlottesville, Oppression, and the Imperative of System Change

Dana Drugmand

We are living in deeply troubling times. Our democracy is eroding, wealth and income inequality has skyrocketed, and tragedy and violence seemingly erupt daily around the world. The recent events in Charlottesville, VA are just the latest reminder of the disturbing place we find ourselves in. Yes that incident was about race and hate, but it also connects to something much deeper. Anyone who pays attention to current events should be starting to connect the dots between the myriad problems plaguing our society.

If we do not bury the history of Hate from our past, it will continue to grow like a cancer until it buries us.

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Why does the media only play small clips of what happened in Charlottesville, why does it take a murder to report news about the alt right-----a political arm of Trump???Take down the statues-then take down the corporate racist media.

True. There ought to be a documentary skit peope on all sides of this event to exkain why they acted like that and did what they did.

The link between racism, misogyny, ecological degradation including climate cataclysm, and other isms is psychological projection. It’s what creates them all and is the key to stopping them. Only when we relieve people of the perceived need to dump the parts of themselves that are unacceptable–to their parents and/or society and therefore themselves, will we be able to get rid of those scourges.

While we don’t have to completely banish them or heal society psychologically to survive climate change, we probably at least need to acknowledge that that’s the problem and begin to explore causes and cures. Above all we need to take care of the logistics of climate change–replace fossil fuel use, transform forestry, agriculture and industry–to buy enough time to heal the deeper problems that are causing the more obvious problems.