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Charlottesville Victim Had a Message: 'If Your Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention'


Charlottesville Victim Had a Message: 'If Your Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention'

Common Dreams staff

Though there is much more to learn about the lone victim—now being identified by family and friends as Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal from Virginia—who lost her life in the vicious attack in Charlottesville on a group of anti-racist demonstrators, the last public message she left behind offered at least a semblance of what inspired her to march against hate on Saturday: "If you not outraged, you're not paying att


If the city had stood up to these white nationalist neo-nazi thugs and refused their hate protest permit, then none of this would have happened. And when some of these hateful protestors arrived armed with weapons why weren’t they arrested on the spot. As I am posting lately: The irony of all this is that human life began in Africa. All these white nationalists are black at their very core. There is no such thing as white, there is only differences in skin pigmentation and none of them are pure. The only thing that is pure is the stupidity of those who believe in racism in any manner.


This is horrible, heartbreaking. I have to say though, Trump’s comments since the attack are disturbing.


Yes, Trump’s comments since the attack are disturbing. His racist comments before the attack are disturbing. Such as "“Laziness is a trait in blacks.” or "“I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” From blatant racism to condescending remarks. My first thought in watching the video of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, was that I had to wonder how many of those White racists were Trump supporters. If this had happened in Los Angeles or New York it would have started a race war. Trump is racist and is totally unqualified to address the national issue of racism.


Or, if your not outraged it’s because your exhausted from being bombarded by continuous cruelty , rage , greed, sociopaths that are hell bent on destroying the earth, etc. Sigh. :nauseated_face:


From my perspective, the travesty is that Trump refuses to condemn his white nationalist base, which means Trump by his refusal to single out the modern day Brown shirts, is condoning and exacerbating the violence of his white nationalist constituency.


Beauty and the Base.

Add another innocent beautiful life snuffed out by Trump’s decision to push Hate rather than Peace and Love.

Trump’s base received their permit to exercise the Hate fomented by their White Supremacist in Chief.

Murder was committed yesterday, and I bet if you ask the murderer what or who inspired him, the name Trump would spew forth from his mouth.

And that my fellow Americans, was another crime, which will go unpunished.


The depraved psychopath trump is complicit/responsible (along with the incompetent, complicit, Charlottesville police) for the evil senseless murder of this lovely compassionate sister - Heather Heyer! Always the innocent souls are victims to blind hatred…

trump has made America hate again - not that racist neonazi scum ever stopped…even after the murder trump still has no shred of decency!



Trump did not drive the vehicle that murdered that young woman, but I agree, Trump is definitely guilty of being an accessory to her murder; especially, by not condemning this egregiously, heinous murder!


Bannon is a serious student of the ideology behind Mussolini and Hitler. He used those words during the Trump campaign that were immediately cheered by white supremacist, The south has long loved the Klan who always admired the fascists of WWII. Trump not only salutes to Putin. He salutes to Bannon/KKK and those who march for them. Many of their members are also in police and military. That is the power that would keep the GOP in power and the largest prison system in the world growing rapidly. The plan is not new. It is serious. We are far behind the reality of what is going on from the dark side.


“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides,” said Trump.

Of course, Trump’s words sounded better in the original German.


I’ll bet a years wages Trump “drove” that young man to do his dirty deed.


I agree with your last comment completely. The dark side is united and dangerous. And, we don’t know who’s behind them and who benefits from their acts of terrorism. Bannon’s Breitbart Bullies are just the first layer. Mercer’s $$$ is in the mix, too. The rise of Bannon is entirely due to that pig.
Some people, a former Vice senior employee was mentioned, are running the social media sites where these thugs feed each other. Storm Trooper is a prime target for monitoring just because of the gun sales, weapons trading, etc. SPLC needs our continued support. Now with Trump’s Troopers running loose, more than ever. All this is dangerous, sad and sick!


" Trump’s comments since the attack are disturbing".

Yes! Just imagine how different Trump’s comments would have been, if it had been a Muslim that murdered a white nationalist, Trump supporter!


Bannon ran Breitbart News before he bromanced Trump and put his racist nationalist ass in the White House with Trump’s blessing. This far alt-right, ideology has gathered much steam since the rise of Trump, which has bloomed and allowed it to be much more open as of late. Yes, I’m outraged, outraged at the rise, again, of the neo-racist ideology that’s seen a resurgence since the rise of Trump and his backward minions. Resist these bigoted fools at every step and let it be known that this ideology is not OK, at all. I find Breitbart News to be openly racist by the way, no wonder they like Trump.


On “many sides, on many sides”–He is suggesting that the counter protesters also displayed bigotry and violence thus deflecting from the deliberate culpability of these fascists and himself.


Thank you. We need to stick together. While they operate in the secret dark, we have the numbers if we organize and respond.


This is how Hitler and the murder of millions began. Authorities kept thinking he would just go away. Then they thought they ciould negotiate with him–Neville Chamberlain said he had achieved “peace in our time” as he gave away Czechoslovakia to Hitler’s insane demands. Trump ought to be charged as an accessory to murder. His bigoted sociopathic self-serving ignorance fueled the fires of this tragedy. I don’t think Chelsea Handler thought through her wish for a military coup to take Trump “out,” but I do get her absolute frustration that the likes of DJT is
allowed to go on.
Of course, it is not just DJT. Look @ the sociopaths who call themselves “the Republican Party.” They stood in the halls of Congress, and before microphones and wanted to take away insurance from the elderly, the young, the poor. They were saying that slow murder would also be okay with them.
Those of us who do not see spouting hatred and heartlessness as a lifestyle must keep doing the marches, the rallies, the letters, the donations, THE VOTING OUT OF OFFICE THESE EVILDOERS. There is no Satan; these misogynists, these racists, these bodies walking around w/o a heart and a brain–they are SATAN INCARNATE.


Another issue is that have a much larger infrastructure than these numbers suggest. The bottom line is they don’t play fair and that is not going to change any time soon.


I agree. Instead of the mantra don’t take our healthcare away, it should be keep your fucking hands off our healthcare it is protected by federal law. And shame of those that don’t know why that is.