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Charlottesville Was Not a "Protest Turned Violent," It Was a Planned Race Riot


Charlottesville Was Not a "Protest Turned Violent," It Was a Planned Race Riot

Zenobia Jeffries

In July of last year, after The New York Post ran the headline, "CIVIL WAR: Four cops killed at anti-police protest," I wrote the column "How We Report on Structural Racism Can Hurt Us—Or Heal Us.” I could have easily written the same article today.


The government in many states sanctions these actions.
There is enough disenfranchisement and collusion to allow the bigots to get elected, and with the help of he gun lobby, put laws like stand your ground in place.

Then the white supremacists rally behind a man of jewish heritage when he kills a black child.

Why did nobody in the media exploit that fact?

There are many small groups in the country that have nothing better to do than wanking their specifically colored genitalia and claiming supremacy.

While their diet is killing them, their lack of opportunity is dumbing them down, their instinct to fight in irrational wars is maiming them, and their ideas are shaming them.

Whoops- there is a distraction - a massive chrome plated carburetor front of a planet destroying vehicle that only a superior race could design. It is causing them to touch themselves again.

I have also noticed, in every state, the children of European immigrants to this country in the past thirty odd years, who are finding the same lack of opportunity here that their parents did in Europe, increasingly turn to divisive and narcissistic ideologies.

Their parents, of course, were right to leave communism behind. And they are, you know, right to treat women badly. And to stay in the mindset of colonialism, which is why we no longer see Natives American in the pristine beauty we take our RVs to.

Someone needs to do away with the Ailes of the world on live TV in a morbid world.



They brought weapons to a rally. Who does that? Those who are planning to cause violence do that.

Thought experiment: imagine if, instead of Nazis, Black Lives Matter held the same sized rally, and all those black folks brought just as many weapons. Would the media call it a race riot? Of course they would. (Actually, the police would have clubbed and shot them so fast that the “rally” could never have started.)

Another article on CD talks about cops standing back and letting the Nazis beat people. Remember, the police supported Trump, hating as they did Obama’s DoJ “interference” in the free killing of unarmed black people.

And don’t think that Trump is some kind of bizarre aberration. Trump is the GOP and the GOP is Trump. Republicans knew exactly who this guy was, that’s why he won all those primaries.

One side is fighting a war. The other is debating free speech. Guess which side wins that fight?


I am sorry but…" This may be understandable, but is not excusable of an institution that has the mission to inform and educate the whole of our society.”

This is capitalism shinning brightly. There is no other obligation to a high standard than the making of profit. If reporting a protest turn violent instead of race riot gets more air and more profit it leads.

About the last thing I would want to see is education from the Ailes/Murdock sack of stuff.


Media have an inherent responsibility to inform viewers fairly, objectively, honestly, comprehensively, but are censored (TV & radio) by station bylaws and enabling federal legislation that permits manipulative distortion of events to make them ‘newsworthy’. The news is sanitized to retain viewer attention, ie, marketable commercial air time.

-Donald Trump MUST be impeached-
He’s leading the world to war.


A powerful piece that tells the truth! It is way past time for the media, and everyone else, to quit coddling the “angry white men” and to treat them as they would anyone else, and call them out for
inappropriate, antisocial behavior.


Excellent points Vox! If I could, I’d give you 1,001 likes for this one.


Let’s not simplify issues and make this episode as a product of Trump. Both what happened in C’ville and Trump are the products of a solid system. By focusing on what Trump did or did not say we are only staying in the surface. That’s my 2 c.


I’ve been talking in other posts today about Trump emboldening the alt-right. I talked about it during the campaign as well.

Take a look at what the Daily Stormer had to say about Trump’s statement (I posted it in another thread). Take a look at what David Duke said, about how they were fulfilling Trump’s promise.

Stephen Miller, Sebastion Gorka, Stephen Bannon, all advising Trump. Take a closer look at them, perhaps. Trump has surrounded himself with racists. Oh, and don’t forget Jeff Sessions.

People follow gov’t leaders. They don’t think they do, but they do, history shows us that repeatedly. Heck, just look at how management sets the tone in a workplace. Same principle, smaller scale.

Trump didn’t create the deep racism in the US, but he’s certainly stoking it. It’s impossible to not engage with that if we want to understand what’s going on, I think.


The media should use the term nazis. That is what they are. Nazi salutes, marching, chanting violent slogans, intimidating people, swastikas . These are Nazis in plain clothes, a fifth column in America. Enemies of worldThe army needs to come home and kill the Nazis. Read the army manual generals. Enemies in our country trying to overthrow the government. The rest of us must organize to defend America if the army won’t do it then the people will have to defend themselves.


trump is the heart, soul and face of the Republican party and the evangelical christian community. He is what they are.


“Who wears paramilitary gear and carries automatic weapons to a rally? Who takes shields and helmets and pepper spray and bats and sticks to a rally?”

Maybe you should look at your “heroes” in Kiev, Ukraine, at the Maidan protests. They did the torchlight parades with chanting about stabbing Russians and things like that. They came to the protest with shields and pepper spray and bats and Molotov cocktails and concussion grenades and things like that.

But I guess those were “good” skinhead neo-Nazis.

You have some hypocrisy to sort out. Good luck with that.


Donald Trump must be removed via any means possible. Legal means, of course.

Perhaps the Deep State will do us all a big favor.


Hey there,

I see you just joined, welcome. I’m curious about your post, though, since it seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Could you tell me, perhaps, what you think of Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa? Just trying to get a bit of context here.


Pravda, Trump is a “user” of men. He has and will continue to use any and all for his personal gains, until he finds them no longer useful or loyal.

He will eventually take up residence in Round 4 of the 9th level of Hell. Round 4 is reserved for betrayers of men as was Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. Trump has betrayed America and much of the world.

Can’t wait for him to check in, or, check out, however you wish to look at it.


Chalupa? Sounds familiar. Wasn’t she the DNC operative who was seeking collaboration with the Ukrainian government to get dirt on Trump? I don’t really know much about her beyond that, if indeed I am thinking of the same person.

What is a stretch? Neo-Nazis like their torchlight parades. Here’s one in Kiev in 2014:
www youtube com/watch?v=2j8VqIKvLrs


Oh, I’m pretty sure you know you’re thinking of the same person. She’s fairly obscure, even on this site, where some posters love a good DNC conspiracy theory.

Hey, are you the same guy who posts on LL and J4MB?


I don’t know what J4MB is, so probably not.

Anyway, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?


More like he is leading us to civil war.


“He is LEADING us to civil war” ?

The US has been in a civil cold war since Trump was declared the winner in November. This cold war is rapidly heating up.