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Charter Schools Already a Massive Threat. And Now Here Comes Billionaire Betsy Devos


Charter Schools Already a Massive Threat. And Now Here Comes Billionaire Betsy Devos

Carol Burris

The drive to privatize the public education system under the guise of “choice” is well underway — and can be expected to pick up steam when Donald Trump becomes president. He chose as his education secretary a Michigan billionaire named Betsy DeVos, who is an ardent supporter of school choice who has said the public education system is a “dead end.”


And then they came for our kids. This is so sick and wrong. Remember Obama and Arne Duncan are the one's to thank for the dumbing down of American children.
Sometimes it's hard to tell if anyone in our government still cares what happens to this country. The pervasive aggression of the corporate overlords will be their undoing.


The two greatest democratic equalizers, the military draft and the public schools, helped keep the elites at bay. Their strategy is to divorce themselves from the mainstream in order to enslave the rest of us. Charter schools serve no purpose except to indoctrinate kids into a mindset that accepts social stratification with the wealthy at the top and lower classes in service to them. Betsy DeVoss is nothing but an elitist piece of shit.


Well, this article isn't fair at all. First of all, it uses facts to support its thesis. Second, it fails to accept the dogma of charter schools and the holy market place on faith. I mean, really, how can charter schools and Betsy DeVos defend themselves when they are forced to deal with reality?

This religious faith in the marketplace, coupled with an equally irrational belief that, OMG, government-run schools must be inferior, is a serious threat to our future. Already we have a populace which falls far short on important skills such as (in my opinion most importantly) critical thinking skills, and now we want to give them a market/profit-oriented educational system which doesn't really give a flying f**k about the future of its students while we, meanwhile, starve the public school systems that serves our most vulnerable populations. This is, truly, insanity and will serve as one of the markers for historians when they do their postmortem on the good 'ol US of A, which I fear is in the not too distant future.

Not that it matters much. With the Twit-in-Chief in charge, the planet will soon be uninhabitable anyway, either from nuclear conflagration or climate disaster.


Oh yes. The draft. A relic of our past attempts at impartiality. In my view, anytime we send our people into harm's way with military action, the children of Congress and the White House should lead the charge. If they have no children, they should go themselves. It's unlikely we would go to war except in the most extreme case, which is how it should be.


Damn right!


If you're not familiar with what Critical Thinking is, then how about you look it up, and then come back when you are qualified to comment, if you still have any questions.


Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. Critical thinking necessarily avoids the use of logical fallacies, such as those in your comment. For example, your assertion that those who run our public schools don't have critical thinking skills if they let the public think they are not doing a good job is a non sequitur and a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc . It simply does not follow that, because some members of the public believe our public schools are not run well, that those who do run our public schools have no critical thinking skills. There is no cause and effect relationship between the two. In fact, if many members of the public believe the schools are poorly run when in fact they are not, it suggests that the people having such beliefs may lack critical thinking skills -- a point consistent with my original comment.

There is also no evidence offered in your comment to support the claim that operators of charter schools have good thinking skills. In fact, there is much evidence in the article to refute this notion. There is certainly no evidence that they are the only people with critical thinking skills. For example, if they were applying critical thinking skills they would be closing their charter schools, based on their academic performance, rather than opening them based on their financial expectations.

And yes, I think I do have pretty decent critical thinking skills, but, not being primarily motivated by money, have no interest in undermining our public schools and our children's future by opening a charter school.


Really? What's the evidence for this? I would have laid this at the feet of the austerity crowd whose mission is to defund all government functions, except the ones for making and dropping bombs or otherwise enriching their contributors.