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Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education


Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education

Jeff Bryant
Proclaiming May 6-12 National Charter Schools Week, President Trump kicked off a huge public relations campaign by the charter industry to ballyhoo the supposed success of these schools, although that success is a matter of bitter and


Privatization is theft of the commons.


People, teach your children well.

More specifically, teach them “not” to do as you may have in supporting the parties of the Duopoly.

Teach them how the Duopoly has made the United States of America become a warring nation that promotes aggression over diplomacy.

Teach them how the United States of America has allied with other terrorist nations and is one of the largest suppliers of weapons the world over.

Teach them that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Teach your children well.


Right on schedule. That anyone believed the fascists that this was a good idea blows my mind. If I had kids I simply could not, would not allow them to go to a charter school.


From the headline:

“Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education”

Well, yes, that was the whole point. Billionaire Betsy DeVious as Sec. of Ed is just the cherry on top.


Charter schools were conceived to water down public education to the point it barely exists.

Although most Murkins did not initially buy in to the charter school myth, millions of dollars in propaganda spending by the charter school cartel has advanced charters. Bill Gates spent millions creating and promoting an initiative to make charters legal within his home state.


“Getting fair-minded public officials to consider…steps [to support public schools] should not be hard politically…‘Most Americans do not regard public schools as insidious socialism and teachers as union goons.’”

It’s not about citizen attitudes, it’s about the absence of mass political demands supported by political parties and votes.

A majority of U.S. public school parents - the principal stakeholders - are low income and disengaged from a right liberal Democratic politics that does not speak to them.


Really one percenter- what planet are you on??? Over 90% of kids in the US attend public schools-according to you anyone that is not like you is low income. Shame on you!!!


Also- in our state- we have some of the top public schools- and I have attended and worked in them- generally parents are very involved. So… stop spouting off about a topic in which you know nothing.


“Over 90% of kids in the US attend public schools-according to you anyone that is not like you is low income.”

Ah, no…I do NOT define anyone different from me as low income…In fact, by conventional measures, a great many U.S. citizens - including public school students - are low income…



…and - for a variety of reasons, including the right liberal politics of the Democratic Party which largely fails to advocate for low-income needs - many low-income people do not regularly vote.



Excuse me- over 90 % of students attend public schools. What do you have against public schools anyway?


“What do you have against public schools”

Hard to conceive how you could take such an idea from my posts.