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Chase Climate Pledge 'Shows the Power of Relentless Environmental Activism' But 'Not Aggressive Enough'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/chase-climate-pledge-shows-power-relentless-environmental-activism-not-aggressive

Chase, more money than ethics.

Oh gosh, it seems a ceaseless merry-go-round, doesn’t it? Protesting outside the gates of predatory institutions, demanding they slow down their gobbling up of everything in sight, maybe act a little nicer, apologize, say they’re sorry, won’t ever do it again… and so forth, and so on, ad-freaking-nauseum…

God bless the demonstrators for going to all the trouble of demonstrating the utter futility of such demonstrations, decades on end. Now we know this isn’t working. It might become time to depose the predators, if we ever get serious about survival.

I’m slightly grateful for the teachable moments, but we’ve had so many by now.

The people and the planet aren’t going to win this fight until all are exposed. That includes the phony climate activists, like Bill Mckibben, who has called for climate activists to cooperate with the Pentagon, and the “Green Billionaires” behind them. Great work by Max Bloomenthal in the link below on the subject.


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