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Che Guevara's Son on Obama's Historic Cuba Visit: "Let's See"


Che Guevara's Son on Obama's Historic Cuba Visit: "Let's See"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Days ahead of President Barack Obama's trip to Cuba, the oldest son of revolutionary Ernest "Che" Guevara has expressed mixed feelings about the historic visit.

He will be the first sitting president to visit the island nation in nearly nine decades.


“But the U.S. is an empire," he added. “Their nature is not to set the
table and invite you for a feast. History shows us that every time they
set a table, you have to accept you might be poisoned or stabbed in the
back. But let’s see.” Camilo Guevara son of Che Guevara. Also, well said Camilo.


If Camilo Guevara is anything like his Great Father, he will tell Obama that there is much to be learned from the Cuban People- Most of which is how to be Empathetic and Human…


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Empires don’t get to be such without breaking every honest, just, civilized rule of man and nature, like those against hypocrisy.


I fear for Cuba.


Just as Pres Jimmy Carter set the process of giving control of the Panama Canal back to the Panamanian’s, Obama could set up a similar process with his upcoming visit by announcing the removal of our base, the closing of the horrific, black hole prison and the return of all US claims on Guantanamo to the Cubans. That is if he is serious about renewed relations with Cuba as equals. Hold your breath if you don’t want to be around when Obama starts making the big speaking bucks and becomes our next rags to riches former president.


For Godless Communists:


Nice Cuba story on MSN today: