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Cheat to Win, the Harper Electoral Game Plan


Cheat to Win, the Harper Electoral Game Plan

Duncan Cameron

Canada's 42nd federal election kicked off Sunday August 1 with a difference. This campaign will be about twice as long as usual before Canadians vote on October 19.

A long, drawn-out campaign fits the profile Stephen Harper has built for himself in politics. His goal is not to win a fair fight. This prime minister wants to destroy his opponents. A long, expensive campaign is how he plans to do it.


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I’m waiting for a book that relates the countless ways that today’s Politicians (particularly of the Conservative “persuasion”) emulate the tactics of Organized Crime figures.

This insight is very powerful and it’s a terrific antidote to the forum paid stooges who relentlessly repeat their “blame voters” memes:

“Through an extended campaign of spurious accusations, and character assassination, the Harper Conservatives want to suppress the opposition vote. As people turn off politics and the campaign, the Harper Conservatives can win through the 25/60 rule. When only 60 per cent of eligible voters turn out, a party wins a majority with votes from only 25 per cent of those on the voting list. Currently the Conservatives are polling above 25 per cent, so their goal is to persuade their potential supporters to vote, and drive opponents away from the voting public.”

When Republicans/right wing Libertarians/Conservatives:

  1. Redesign voting districts so that with fewer residents in each, they manage to configure “majorities” for themselves
  2. Assign proprietary like-minded voting machine outfits to “count” the votes
  3. Gain support from Big Money interests in order to saturate media with deceptive ad campaigns and other false messaging
  4. Use state infrastructure to thwart vote counts
  5. Use media allies to block 3rd party contenders from speaking to the public about any genuine alternatives to the “politics as usual” status quo
  6. Make voting registration (and voting, itself) more complicated by limiting open hours, etc.

Then the GAME is rigged. And with 25% of the population being natural-born authoritarians who identify with the politics of inverted totalitarianism and this ilk gaining the dominance it thrives upon, those who support these outcomes then take that 25% and insist that IT represents the entire population. They traffic in a universal, one-size-fits-all WE frame that asserts that what this empowered few manage to put into motion reflects the will, wishes, support, and consent of the rest of us. Those who NEVER are given a voice in The Great Game.

It’s as bogus as their crooked election outcomes and the lies their captured media entities repeat often. It’s as fake as the faux food filler that’s now saturating our diets. Dangerous and unlabeled: and I think the state of food speaks volumes for the state of everything else.

In parallel manner, the same insistence by Monsanto and friends that their unhealthy products be put into food COVERTLY without citizens being ALLOWED to know what they are eating is seen in trade pacts that are also being kept in the dark. These powerful agreements will substantially limit what citizens can change, address, legally counter, or otherwise resist. Note, too, that journalists are being punished for exposing stories that run counter to the Official Narratives with others being gunned down, imprisoned, or tossed into exile. In this instance, too, the truth is not welcome and control is put in the place of informed consent: the fuel of a healthy Democratic society.

For those who blame voters: Understand that this game is rigged on all levels to ensure that individuals beholden to the existing System will remain in place to do the bidding of the 1%/oligarchic/plutocratic/shadow elite.


I’m so sorry. Our 1% seems to have leaked over many borders, Canada’s included. It is very discouraging.

May Harper lose, and lose big.


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Harper hired many that worked on past election strategies down in the USA to come up and work for him. It shows how this movement to control a countries elections knows no borders.

Now In Greece the troika fully expected the Greek voter to accept the package offerred them in the referendum. They were quite shocked when the overwhelming response was NO. This is what is needed here in Canada. The votrs MUST ignore the scare tactics being used by the sleazy Herr harper.

Now it interesting that the NDP suggested to the Liberals that they work together to defeat the Conservatives. The proposed plans was that the NDP would drop out of ridings with a traditionaly larger Liberal consitituency while the Liberals would drop out of ridings with a traditionally large NDP constituency. Thise would ensure there no vote split on the left and help bring down the Conservatives.

The liberals refused that offer. The Liberals and NDP will thus fight for the same voter while the Conservatives will be ensured of getting their own traidtional support. What is needed here is for that electorate that stays at home (some 40 percent) to get off their backsides and vote. They can turn this election around on their own.