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Cheating Donald


Cheating Donald

Ralph Nader

Donald Trump brags about “branding” his political opponents. He repeatedly has called Marco Rubio “Little Marco,” Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted,” and Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary.” Repetition makes these epithets stick – a lesson Trump has drawn from the advertising world and his own fragile ego.


Also astonishing, that in this "Progressive Forum" a good many posters show their respect for The Donald. He's one of them--a white guy; and that's as far as their empathy goes.

Donald's insults to Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, and women are just shaken off.

Deep inside, they WANT to BE Donald... with lots of money to spend, the power that goes with it, and the gorgeous wives and girlfriends.

How Donald made his money is of no consequence to them. His lack of political experience is also immaterial.

They rant a lot about Hillary Clinton--who is part of the now corporately controlled government-media-military nexus, and only mask their wish for a Trump victory behind feigned praise for Mr. Sanders.

It's an ugly time in a nation's history when Deception governs.


Deception indeed.

"In an era of universal deception, anybody telling the truth is labeled a radical"
-George Orwell

The solution for the Democrats is not complicated...nominate Sanders.

There is no solution for the GOP seeing how none of the 20 contenders in January were any better than Trump. More politically correct perhaps, but not substantially better.


Sorry, no amount of Trump bashing will get me to vote for Hillary Clinton. She'll have to beat Trump without me. If the two party system is so broken as to provide this kind of choice, then it is beyond repair and change from within either party is a lost cause. Instead, I will devote my energies to bringing this system, down, short of violence, via a combination of activism, third party work or any other means at my disposal to confront this ongoing evil. What I will not do is sit at home and meekly accept that Clinton versus Trump is the best we can do.


I fail to see the true difference between Trump and any current republican, except that Trump doesn't use republican coded language as cover for his racism, homophobia, hatred of the poor, hatred of women, hatred of the elderly, and a general hatred of the "other". When Paul Ryan talks about balancing the budget, pundits fail to discuss the underlying above themes of hatred and instead discuss his proposals as legitimate policy. Ryan pretends to be a public servant, but his bottom line is the same as Trump's -- protect the wealth of the wealthy against the undeserved "predations" of all the rest of us deservedly needy citizens. It is not hard to dredge up the image of the welfare queen driving a Cadillac whenever any republican talks "policy", policy designed to hurt as many Americans as possible while protecting the wealth of the privileged. Trump makes explicit all that is implicit in republican "thinking." I welcome Trump as a breath of fresh air, as fetid as that air may be, because it exposes the true republican mind to a public long confused about what republicanism is about. It also exposes republican citizens in general for what they truly support.

That said, Trump is as qualified to be president as any of the other republicans he bested in the primaries, for whom deception is the order of the day. That is, he is not qualified to be dog catcher in Podunk.


Perhaps of greater concern than his cheating and lying is how vindictive he is. Nixon had this quality but Trump seems much worse. This in not someone who should be in control of nuclear weapons or any weapons. World leaders would be highly critical of Trump. And he would want to strike back. He tries to hit back much harder than he has been hit. He would also want to strike back at domestic political enemies.


Get connected with the United Progressive Party www.unitedprogressiveparty.org and help spread the word to Greens, Socialists, independents. The more united we are the stronger we become.


But I get the sense, from all that I've read, that he is more bark than bite. He talks a big fight but rarely acts on it. To put it bluntly, he's just a big wuss. All show and no substance, just like a (fake) reality show.


Siouxrose11, I don't know how old you are, so I don't know if you have any personal recollection of downfall of the first Clinton administration. Of "Hillary Care" and the birth of HMOs, which were the beginning of the takeover of our health care system by the corporate insurance industry.(now finalized with mandatory coverage and government subsidies to the health insurance companies under Obama Care) Of the bursting of the Internet bubble driven by 401k speculation and stock deregulation that took the retirement saving of millions. I will not even go into the "stand by your man" stuff and all the scandals. The result of which was the election of "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" W. Then as a Senator she supported W's foreign policies and doubled down on them as Secretary of State. So, there may be other reasons why we don't support Hillary other than we are greedy, cheating, white pig males.


I don't agree. He has incited violence against protesters that actually occurred at his rallies and he condoned this violence. He cannot stand being challenged. What happens when he can have cruise missiles launched or bombs dropped against a leader he is angry at. Who will he have assassinated with drone strikes? Who will be on his kill list? That was pretty much what political leaders in German said about Hitler when he took power in the Weimar Republic. Not that Trump is another Hitler but I think it would be a mistake not to take Trump's bluster seriously. Anyone calling for torture far worse than waterboarding should be considered as not fit to serve as president.


Despite the GOP "establishment's" theatrics during the past year they are 100% behind Trump despite his serial political incorrectness. Although not likely to turn the US into a theocracy like Cruz would, Trump will deliver everything else that Cruz would have for the GOP and its oligarch owners.


Late spring, 2016 ... California :

What would Gandhi think of the US election? (Beyond Trump's baldness vanity)


Logic for working class Trumpists:

Trump is of the billionaire class, and he has always supported the millionaire-billionaire class.

One that supports that class does not support lower classes.

Are you of the millionaire-billionaire class?

If you are not, and you still support Trump, then you are too politically ignorant to vote. Please stay home and watch tv instead.


Rather that Cheating Donald I would suggest Vulgar Donald as a more appropriate branding name. His supporters don't seem to have a problem with his cheating, but what about his vulgarity?


Donald the Bombastinater has a nice ring.


For starters, I really like you! And I agree with everything you've said.

I should specify that while it's mostly angry white guys that resonate with Trump, not all white guys are angry, suffer from tunnel vision, or lack empathy. If that were the case, there would be no Ralph Nader (an individual I admire so much, I cloned him... in a movie script, that is), Bernie Sanders, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, etc.

I remember what I noticed at both my 10th and 20th high school reunions... that mediocre students were more successful than "the smart kids." That's when the beginning realization that our society rewards mediocrity hit me.

Like you, I eke out a living. I think the movie scripts I've written are better than 75-80% of the films I've actually viewed. But intelligence, prescience, and God forbid, expansive thinking are NOT rewarded.

Did you catch this Ted Talk... which was banned, incidentally? I'll re-post the link:

Brazil's coup is putting only white males in charge and many of them have lots of experience in graft and corruption. The U.S. senate and Congress are yet to have proportional (by gender) representation. The majority of CEOS are white males, and that's also true in terms of who heads the majority of banks, universities, and military branches.

When only ONE group--the same group--dominates all decision-making, it pretty much works as the biological equivalent of "doing the same over and over and expecting a different result," i.e. the definition for insanity.

Males, acting as packs, rape women in India and do unspeakable things to women all across Africa. So violence is not a white male thing. The only antidote to violence is more input from women.

This is the point when the most arrogant of misogynists show up to point out that Hillary Clinton, Condi & Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and Maggie Thatcher show developed warrior instincts. This tiny sampling is hardly representative of women as a whole; and as I've painstakingly explained MANY times, the System (deferential to the archetypes of Mammon and Mars) self-selects only those females who will abide by it, which is to say, march lockstep with its bankrupt codes and creeds.

I've also explained (and indeed written a major book about this) that there is more than one indwelling masculine archetype, and more than one indwellingn feminine archetype. This idea of "The Green Man" who is really a son of the Goddess of nature and worships the Great Mother Pacha mama (the archetype that governs the types of men who live close to nature or take up shamanism, organic gardening and such) is an example of the more Yin male.

The Athena female is the one who denies having been born of a mother (and thus possessing innate feminine traits) and instead argues that she was born from Zeus (chief CEO/Power of Olympus), her father's head. (This metaphorically suggests the woman who thinks like a man. And believe me, I've met these types of women and I do not resonate with them. Hillary Clinton fits this mold, but it hardly speaks for all or most women.)

I'm glad you enjoy my comments. I am always open to genuine debate, particularly when it doesn't attempt to discredit me... but rather, opens the floor to rigorous ideological dueling matches.

I had a friend once with whom I'd hash out the various dramas in my life. Then I'd go on to do whatever it was that I'd elect to do and she'd get upset... that I didn't follow her advice. I explained that for me, a good friendship was one that didn't force its agenda on me, but enabled me to best my own game by honing my own arguments.

I toast my wine glass to that... and you. And I fully appreciate WHY you are underpaid. Like I said, it's the average joes who don't question who are rewarded. Those of us who see past the paradigm's artificial fences are undervalued and often... far worse.

Incidentally, I think the paradigm is already undergoing stages of absolute collapse.

Here is the link. Oh, he's another BRILLIANT White Guy!


Perhaps you are mistaken. Too many get caught in a bi-polar worldview that says if X isn't true, then Y must be true. (In other words, it seems that you extrapolate from my disdain for Trump that I must support Clinton. There ARE other options.)

Let me assure you, I don't plan to vote for Mrs. Clinton because while I would LOVE to see a woman President, a woman that does all the worst things that men/patriarchy do is no improvement and indeed does damage to the truth of Gender: that just as DNA is composed of EQUAL genetic input from both parents, there is a complementary quality intended to remain operational... between men and women (or Yang and Yin).

Females who conform to the masculine norms abort that missing, and Goddess knows all so important, albeit absent, counterbalance.

I plan to vote for (or write in) Sanders.

It's true that Mrs. Clinton is dangerous as the direction America has been pushed in is not only dangerous, it's the #1 purveyor of dangers ranging from global financial graft to a total collapse of ecosystems, to senselessly spreading wars (added to the reprehensible sale of WMD).

Trump is at least as dangerous because he is a natural born tyrant and demigod. He has ZERO empathy and in my view, is not particularly intelligent. As a matter of fact, anyone who sees Trump as intelligent shows that their only basis for gauging intelligence is how much $ a person makes. That is a bankrupt equation, to be sure.


As a professional writer, I am sensitive to people taking my comment and misrepresenting it.

White males are not the ONLY "average American."

A lot of women can't stand Trump.

Blacks, as a group, would be foolish to support Trump, as would Hispanic individuals and Muslims.

White MALES want to be Trump... they want the babes and the big bucks and that someone of his idiocy can get away with racist bombast and ridicule (since it just rolls off him... that's because he sees himself as The Boss and presumes he can just fire whomever he doesn't like).

The same people who listen to Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or Bill O'Reilly like Trump. And guess what: This sampling is NOT a majority and is NOT representative of this diverse nation with a population exceeding 300 million.

(I do like your OTHER post.)

Now do you hear me?


Woman in quotes? What does that mean?


Hence: Loser.