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Cheers Erupt As Guatemala Paves Way to Arrest School of the Americas-Trained President Perez Molina


Cheers Erupt As Guatemala Paves Way to Arrest School of the Americas-Trained President Perez Molina

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Guatemala's Congress on Tuesday voted unanimously to strip President Otto Pérez Molina of his immunity from prosecution over corruption charges in a case that one journalist says should ultimately lead to charging U.S. sponsors of the country's notorious massacres of Indigenous communities.


Fresh air? I hope so. I lived in a midwest city in the 80s and 90s. The area I lived in was low rent and the city itself had plenty of work for anyone to do. So refugees from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and a host of other Latin American countries began showing up looking for peace. One family we became aquainted with had fled Guatemala. A young girl, about the age of my oldest daughter, would visit our house and after a while she began to open up about her homeland. Both of her parents had been murdered by the paramilitaries. She had lost two brothers and a sister to the same people. finally an uncle was able to smuggle her into the U.S. She has since become a citizen. Her well of anger has never let her forget the kidnappings and killings. Her one desire was for the Americans to close down the School of the Americas and bring everyone associated with it to justice. She's still waiting.


Thank you. Well said.


It is beyond past time to close the obscene School of the Americas which has trained murderous minions who wreak havoc all over Latin America--to promote fear of opposing US dominance. SOAWatch, headed by the saintly Father Roy Bourgeois, has been working tirelessly to shut this monstrous school of murder down.


I think they have changed the name but business as usual.


Back in 2013 Rios Montt, former president of Guatemala and cia puppet, was convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced to 80 yrs. in prison. Unfortunately, the conviction was subsequently overturned by the constitutional court. I believe the charges were brought by judge Yassmin Barrios Aguilar and Rigoberta Menchú.
Let's hope this one meets true justice.


Closing the School of the Americas is no where near enough. War reparations from Canada, USA & other resource extractive, exploitive companies & complicit colonial nations in the 100s of billions of dollars, then restructuring of these bankrupt companies & colonial nations. Restructuring along the Economic Democracy lines of indigenous nations with multihome dwelling complexes & inclusive welcoming Community Economy with time-based accounting as previously on the worldwide string-shell within the universal progressive ownership of Production Society/Guilds. Restructuring should be happening everywhere on Turtle-Island (N. America), Europe, etc. Visit Indigene Community dot info section on Economic-Democracy


How many innocent people in Guatemala, Latin America and in countries around the world have been murdered by CIA puppets? Too bad JFK was not able to " smash the CIA into a thousand pieces", because that would have saved thousands and thousands and thousands of lives.


im so glad some cia pawn is getting to see what justice looks like and that Guatamala,a country the M.I.C. cant seem to stop f*cking with,is where that will take place. frankly i think the entire staffs of the unIntelligence + DEA depts should be interned in Guatamala,for starters,to rebuild the country theyve worked tirelessly to destroy.they can then work their way back home repairing their damages along the way.

Seriously,until we repeal the unconstitutional NSA ACT of 1947 neither the citizens of the world, nor America's constitution and used-to-be-Republic will survive. if you think we are having fun now,just wait until the 2016 derelection (pun) is over. i say that,assuming they can/will hold off the imminent collapse of the drowning in debt western economies long enough to have said derelections.


right on.
btw its estimated that the cia has caused the deaths of over 6 million innocents from 1947-2003,uncountable wounded and infrastructure damage and that hasnt been updated (or i havent found the new data yet) for our latest senseless agressions in the mideast and africa. and its all funded by our tax dollars and the whore on drugs money! what a country.

you also mention the real reason JFK had to be killed - the cia wasnt going to give up its (already)billions of dollars in lets-play-war money when they heard what he said. he was the last "real" president we had. everyone else got the message,or like the bushcrimefamily, was already an active participant in the cia(CorporatocracyInAmerica)/mic insanity.


Thank you for this heads-up on CIA murder. Weblinks are appreciated. Please visit Dr. Gideon Polya (Australian PhD Biochemistry) on his epidemiological studies of western caused mayhem in destabilization war-related unnecessary deaths worldwide. Western Mayhem related deaths in Afghanistan ~ 6 million, Iraq 2 million (10,000,000 over last 100 years of western destabilization), Libya 250,000 to date, Syria 250,000 to date. Become familiar with Zionist Oded-Yinon Plan for a Greater Israel through mercenary destabilization of all Arabic neighbours with war & cheap guns. Oded-Yinon has children called Project-for-a-New-American-Century & New-World-Order from such as Wolfowitz & Robert Kagan. History of Oil by Robert Newman, comedian, is a chilling expose of how the Allies started WW1 on the basis of controlling oil. This new Common Dreams format doesn't accept web-links from me now.


It will be a great day when corporatist pirates of the United States are also brought to trial for crimes against Earth and Humanity.

I am against capital punishment but believe the US should should stick with republican fear mongering on this issue until the purge of US capitalist pirates is completed.


Doubtful that this man survives to implicate the U.S. in the murder of his own people. Trainees from the SOA have been doing the dirty work of the U.S. corporations for many decades. Fr Roy Bourgeois has been the leader of the movement to close down this School of Assassins. The 4th Reich will never face up to the crimes in Latin countries.


Better yet, solitary confinement for the rest of their days.


True. The Criminal Intelligence Agency has murdered untold thousands of innocent people around the world either directly or indirectly. When the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government in Iran in 1953 and installed their quisling, the brutal thug, the Shah, Alan Dulles was involved in that coup D' etat. JFK fired Dulles, but guess who was one of the principles on the Warren Commission?


This is a great accomplishment for the people of Guatemala. But what the article fails to mention is that in three days, on September 6th, there will be a new presidential election in Guatemala and the man favored to win, Manuel Baldizon, is potentially even worse than Perez Molina. He is both closely associated with criminal elements and a fervent evangelical. He will very likely be under indictment before he is sworn in. What follows that scenario could well be chaos and bloodshed.