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Cheers! Two Dozen Craft Brewers Join Call for Climate Action


Cheers! Two Dozen Craft Brewers Join Call for Climate Action

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Twenty-four craft beer breweries on Tuesday pledged to do their part to confront the growing global warming crisis by reducing carbon emissions and prioritizing sustainable practices, joining a chorus of industries calling for swift climate action.


With the thousands of craft, micro, and nano breweries in the US these days, I find two dozen signatories not very impressive.

As a rare left-wing craft beer enthusiast, my observation has been that craft brewery owners and operators tend to “libertarian” right-wing types - and even some “objectivist” Ayn-Randites. I’ll never forget how one microbrewery and brewpub howled and howled when a modest local poured drink tax was implemented. It was imposed by the county as an effort to prop up Pittsburgh’s de-funded and failing public transit system - something they especially hated (public transit is “socialism” you see…). At the church brewpub, wait-people went from table to table with petitions and special protest message glasses filled with a special “no-tax” ale were served.

So I figure most of them are GW denialists.

The only exception might be East End Brewing - the owner Scott promotes bike rides with a keg in tow and other decent stuff…


Agreed Yunzer.
Plus, my favorite, Sierra Nevada, is missing, They do have, though, a “Sustainability Coordinator.”


I consider Sierra Nevada to be a “big” brewery similar to Sam Adams.


Glad to see that a third of the signatories are from Oregon!


As I haven’t been able to recruit a personal designated driver, I would up my craft beer consumption at least 5-fold if good bus service was offered around the time I’m done drinking, near midnight. I think our local brewers are being a bit shortsighted.

Agree that Scott seems like a great guy, although I don’t know his politics.


Thanks to a bit of new funding, including the drink tax, I notice that they have added some later service - I can now catch the last bus home (51) from the S’ahthside bar district at 1:45AM. The last T to Mt. Lebo/Castle Shannon leaves Station Square at 1:40AM.

But of course there used to be all night service on several routes - plus the “Ultraviolet Loop” bus that circulated through all the drinking/entertainment Districts either all night or some very late hour. It still did not get too much use.

The quality of life for Southside residents would improve greatly if one could get the weekend bar patrons to use the bus - but they could set up sobriety checkpoints on every street into the Southside and they still would not take the bus or T.