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Chelsea Manning Again Takes Fall for Defending Public’s Right to Know


Chelsea Manning Again Takes Fall for Defending Public’s Right to Know

Janine Jackson

Chelsea Manning was a US Army soldier who released to WikiLeaks Iraq and Afghan war logs, with information on torture and civilian killings, including an airstrike that killed two Reuters correspondents; and diplomatic cables revealing, among other things, a secret deal between the US and Yemen in which the US would bomb the country, and the Y



Who can nominate Chelsea Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize?



is there a limit to how ashamed we can be of our government(s)? i obviously haven’t reached it yet.



I’m not sure of whom I’m most ashamed. Judge Claude Hilton, who imprisons her for not abetting the witch hunt against Assange? The US Dep’t of Injustice? The so-called jouirnalists who abandon Assange and whistle-blowers in deference to our Imperial MIIC while spending most of their time echoing each other about Democratic partisans’ and spy-agency claims that Hillary lost the election because of a Russian hack that insiders say never happened?

No; I while I’m ashamed of All of the Above, I think I’m most ashamed about the conduct of so many who claim to be “liberals” but who now kneejerk in salute to the very MIIC that is persecuting journalists, whistleblowers and those who enable them. Sadly, a few of them even appear in comments on this site. They know who they are.



Sigh—instead of thanking vets for their service----it seems like we should all be thanking Chelsea for showing us what happens to a democratic republic when wars of all kinds become the answer.
When winning is more important than the TRUTH of things----when lying secures careers for journalists-----when the place we once knew as the United States—has no standards except money—and avarice------then it’s right for this nation to fall. Maybe those FUTURE people will wake up-------but major media has lost its soul and many of its readers. To update Tom Paine. "These are the times that try humanity’s souls. " Chelsea Manning is the only patriot at the moment—but she’s a REAL one—and those patriots seldom receive regard. As journalism is dying, so are the courts—and when those 2 combine, there is no country. I am sorry GRAND JURY, but you are so much less than mediocre and so much more dangerous than the plague----as your disease of putting career before country is showing. It is difficult to celebrate crap—so I refuse. : (



Chelsea’s plight just shows what has become of the brave souls that deem fit to blow the whistle on corrupt govt actions, in this case the military, and the way they are treated in return. Then to make matters worse most of the stupid bought and paid for corporate(MSM) shills don’t even acknowledge what these people have done to further the case for fearless journalism. They’ll wonder in amazement-in the future-what happened when they are arrested for telling the truth. These, all of 'um, reporters should be ashamed of their laziness. This will indeed bite them back in the end, mark my words. Chelsea is one of the bravest people out there.



I find it stunning that the system is so thoroughly bought and sold by a predatory delusional ideology that all it can do is tighten the box around itself. The koolaid of the punishing god has combined with the viagra that never quits. The toxicity of the premises evolving out of the spanish inquisition forged the production chains centuries before either koolaid or viagra were called into existence.

Whoopie, now we have the manufacture of consent for the demented distortion of sickened alchemy. The mafia brings back war criminals (Brennan, Abrams, the evil mustache and the pompous one, just for starters) and persecutes those who speak truth to the corrupt power.

The message to the public is shut up, or weĺl knee-cap you. Try it again and we’ll break both legs. Go at it a third time and and you get a set of concrete booties and swim in the East River.

We all need to become Chelsea Manning



She has risked more than anyone to expose the system. She is making history again - including exposing western journalism for what it is. I am afraid the Nobel Prices do not reward that type of courage. I don’t believe she needs the Nobel, unless to get it and then reject it - the Sartre way.



The next question is whether the Right Livelihood Award has evolved sufficient strength to recognize a Chelsea Manning, it seems it still struggles with the boundaries of an institution working to change the system from within. Ironically still to early under the thumb of the institutions revealed by Manning.



I think this is less about Assange and more about railroading Chelsea. The reason being that I suspect Assange has been deceased for quite awhile.

A look into the deadman’s switch published by Wikileaks in 2016 holds some clues. Within a month of this incident, Assange did a Reddit AMA in which he interestingly avoided questions about the deadman’s switch altogether, along with other relevant questions regarding WHO was running Wikileaks. Many have speculated, quite reasonably, that Wikileaks was co-opted around that time by the usual suspects. (the Cocaine Importation Agency being a likely candidate.)

There was an interview with Assange by John Pilger published by RT in Nov. 2016. There were comments about the noticeably strange editing in this video, including the fact that Assange and Pilger are never shown in the same frame even though they’re supposedly in the same room together. The editing was interpreted by many as evidence that this interview with Assange was a forgery and that Assange was dead. Others thought this forgery idea too far fetched and nothing amiss with the editing, but they failed to account for certain technological advances that make such subterfuge very possible, albeit imperfect.

Back to Chelsea, she is a hero and her persecutors only show their true colors by continuing to hound her under false pretenses. They have nothing but pettiness to use against her.

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This is a warning to anyone who dares dig into the actions of government, finds what they are doing is what they have no right to do—and doing it to us—exposes it and the politicians/law makers who made it possible. We really have to get serious about the kind of people we put in power; we have to throw the bums out and start again before we lose all control.



Obviously, he isn’t. The real reason for her imprisonment is, IMO, that they want to squeeze her for incriminating statements. They no longer really want Manning; she did her time. But they’ve been plotting to remove Assange as a way to intiimidate / silence investigative media.

It fits a pattern by the establishment. Everything from the allegations of Russian meddling (and enabling of it by any critic of the narrative), to the creation of the “PropOrNot” list, the forcing of RT to identify as a Russian actor, FB and Google 's placing of obstacles to critical media, and more. It is a war against dissent itself.

Sadly, both self-identified liberals and the worst elements in the Trump Administration are collaborating in that suppression.