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Chelsea Manning and the New Inquisition

Chelsea Manning and the New Inquisition

Chris Hedges

The U.S. government, determined to extradite and try Julian Assange for espionage, must find a way to separate what Assange and WikiLeaks did in publishing classified material leaked to them by Chelsea Manning from what The New York Times and The Washington Post did in publishing the same material.


Although we have known it for years, it is a shock when government employees actually commit criminal acts, others lie, and all compromise our citizens and our standing in the world, yet are treated by the legal system with a slap on the wrist or promotion like the current head of the CIA. And others go onto well paying gigs in the media or think tanks.

The whistle blowers who risk everything are punished to the full extent of the law. And the state goes beyond the law to put Chelsea in prison again to not support the witch hunt on wikileaks.

Given the millions of people with access to classified information, it is a scant few people willing to risk their lives to the ideal of what the US says it stands for. It is clear that the powerful and those getting money from the state want the citizens not to know what they have done and are doing right now.

Obama set records of using the flawed espionage act to go after whistle blowers acting for the citizens.

Along with Chelsea in jail again, we have Reality Winter who published direct evidence of Russian involvement in the 2016 election and she is spending several years in prison.

It shouldn’t be so hard to protect the constitution and given the coup is proceeding full speed ahead, it is not clear, as many have pointed out, that our democracy, such as it is, might not survive.


I’m finding it really hard to muster up any sympathy for the NY Times or WaPo, whose knowing lies, omissions and obfuscations paved the way for the corporate/state juggernaut now bearing down on us all. Assange, Manning and Snowden, and scores of those whose names are less well-known, are the true heroes in this tale.


The Crucifixion of Chelsea Will Continue As Long As We Allow It To.

“Those who stand by passively as they are persecuted will be next.” ~Chris Hedges


I wish a Hedges, an internet personality/show or some progressive organization would publish material or dedicate an entire show to detailing the exact crimes Manning leaked. A sort of “People’s Pamphlet of War Crimes and the Surveillance State.” I know you can read it all in Wikileaks but not many have the drive or patience to do so.

I’m thinking about a concise list of the duplicity and outright war crimes Manning so bravely risked her freedom and safety to reveal. It could help bolster arguments against those who claim she’s a traitor who endangered intelligence assets and military personnel by disclosing top secret material. I personally know progressives who share this opinion and I can’t counter their assertions with anything other than the video mentioned in this piece.


Watch the Washington Post. Next thing you know, they’ll be behind Joe Biden.


Chelsea is a heroine, but in fascist, Amerika she is demonized as a felon for exposing war criminals.


No doubt about it! One has to wonder when they will demonize progressives as terrorist… sympathizers.


A civil conflict would shut down everything, and they lose money, and more importantly, they would lose support.

This, in my opinion, will never come to pass.


But close enough for a reach-around.

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Here is another side of the new inquisition.

As with the old one, corruption will go hand in hand with repression.



“The failure of news organizations such as The New York Times and The Washington Post to vigorously defend Manning and Assange” is proof that they now function as propaganda media for the machinery of the state. One should not have expected otherwise when they became monopolies. Hedges was a victim of it along with other investigative journalists who refused to serve the global elite.

“The prosecutions of government whistleblowers under the Espionage Act, warrantless wiretapping, monitoring of the communications of Americans and the persecution of Manning and Assange are parts of an interconnected process of preventing any of us from peering at the machinery of state. The resulting secrecy is vital for totalitarian systems. The global elites, their ruling ideology of neoliberalism exposed as a con, have had enough of us examining and questioning their abuses, pillage and crimes….

‘The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation,’ Assange writes, ‘has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen.’’’

The only good news is that the U.S. Empire is falling as capitalism is now untenable except through ecocide. The only question left is can the human race save itself from extinction by the greed and hubris of the global elites? The only answer that remains is socialism.


I don’t believe the corpress has anything to worry about. Killer Clown at some point will return to pimping his baleful brand on his own dime, and he won’t have the tools to prosecute his intraclass spat, if indeed he really would have wished to.

With that, the fourth estate will gladly make common cause with the other three to implement the age of digitized dystopia, high sounding slogans notwithstanding.

The Praetorian Guard is now working the courts and newsrooms too. I am glad Chelsea is standing firm–as have others. The real crime was that Constitutional Lawyer President making free speech illegal—if it compromised the moneyed class.
Secret prisons, torturing people who had done nothing and now trying to arrest a publisher, Assange.
'What hath the ( corporate. military - industrial complex ) gods wrought?"


By attempting to criminalize the free dissemination of information, the US is showing all of us just how degenerate it has become. today, it is not the evil doers that are investigated and punished, instead it is the one who tells the World about them!


Thank you Mr. Hedges, for keeping this very critical issue in the forefront of your writings. This reaches across all of the other issues that consume the daily attentions of us all. If we have no way to know what is being done, we will not know how to best deal with it. We may as well be deaf and blind.

Keep up with the good work Chris. We need you!


In layman’s language please.

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That “the enemy of the people” is just that, though not of The Donald [tm]

Their peevishness is consigned to his wanderings off the imperial and neoliberal script.

We have every reason to believe Kiriakou on this. We as a nation have been in this tunnel of wanton corruption and lawlessness for a very long time. It got real with the death of JFK and just went downhill from there. Unfortunately, I don’t think this tunnel has a light at the end of it. WTF do we do now?

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Beautiful piece.

I am struck by how broadminded Hedges is in his concern for WaPo and the NYC in the name of journalism. His is certainly an opinion that I respect in this regard, but I have to wonder whether this is not a nod to old hopes or old associations, and how recently he might have reviewed the basis of this particular opinion.

It seems to me that the imprisonment of these, and of course of the broadcast networks and so forth, has already been accomplished in full, by quieter means.

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