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Chelsea Manning: Big Brother Getting Worse, 'Especially in US'


Chelsea Manning: Big Brother Getting Worse, 'Especially in US'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning said Thursday that government surveillance is "getting worse, especially in the United States," stressed the need for "community building," and underscored to a crowd, "


Hey Big brother: FUCK YOU!
Chelsea has mre than served we the people. Thank you, Chelsea for your service.


Amazing maturity and clarity for a 30-year-old. I wish I was still in Maryland to work for Chelsea. I have the honor to have been arrested on her behalf when she was being tortured in military prison. Clearly they didn’t break this fine young woman.

Thank You Chelsea Manning, a true patriot…and


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


I agree ‘we have the power’ for the very good reason: no government can stay in ‘power’ w/o the acquiescence of the people it rules. Never happens for long…the USSR lasted 70 years and for some of the first years most of the citizens probably supported it. And outside threats complicate the longevity and stability of questionable governments.
I’d certainly vote for Manning if I lived in Maryland.


There are not enough people in maryland who hate their country enough to vote for this charlatan.


are you a-scared of the lady?


Lucky to be free because under this administration she would never get out.


I really admire her and she suffered a lot for telling the truth— TRUTH----which is getting harder to find in America. I remember seeing that infamous video, where American pilots were making fun of the dead and then the van, with 2 children inside arrived to help the injured people , then the horrifying words of pilots with no sense of humanity and saying " They shouldn’t have brought the kids…" It was almost as if the human beings the pilots were killing weren’t real… I guess we really are now the nazis. too


Do us all a favor on this site which features open-eyed, open-minded, and intelligent & aware people:


Nope, if anything they’d try to look for her to be put to death.


Here is a question you will likely never hear the military ask themselves.


However, we need details of how this would happen. There are too many vague dog whistle statements here.

If climate continues to change, and it will, and if the population continues to grow, and it will, then habitat overshoot is a thing.

As people get stressed they become more desperate, nationalistic and fascist. Everyone wants all the necessities but also the toys.

An explanation of what this process of change looks like is in order here.


You’re ignorance is exposed for all to see, good work.


Chelsea Manning continues to be an amazing example of courage and
wisdom and active citizenship at the time when we have needed it the most,
especially in exposing the fog of war presented on video screens to show us
how our soldiers are taught to unfeelingly “play the game of war” without
recognizing the brutality and cruelty of what they’ve been taught.

This is the kind of inspirational leadership we need more of –

and she has survived the worst our MIC could do to her in our prisons


Chelsea Manning is the type of political representative We the People need.

Any human willing to sacrifice themselves to expose corrupt practices is worthy of our support.


Her bravery is off the charts and anyone with a brain should understand what she’s done… reveal the truth about US war and the sickness of those ‘fighting’ it.


Ben Cardin absolutely deserves to lose his Senate seat for introducing S 720, that would have made it a major felony (up to 20 years in prison and up to a $ 1 mil. fine) to openly support the Sanctions movement against Israel, in clear violation of the First Amendment. These institutional Democrats (like Shumer and Pelosi) are totally in the pocket of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby and all deserve to be kicked out of office. Of course that is very unlikely to happen any time soon, and unfortunately Cardin is likely to get over 80% of the vote in the Maryland primary. I would hope that after that happens, Chelsea would consider coming over and joining the true party of the people, the Green Party, which will embrace her with open arms and in the future would give any candidacy she chooses to mount the chance to be voted on by all the voters of Maryland in a general election.


This is the race in the Senate against Ben Cardin – Maryland …

And here’s a really important recommendation for her …

We don’t accept the legal bribes of the political establishment. We only accept money from individual donors.

This would also be a very important vote for much needed control over the MIC/CIA –


I just moved from Maryland in the past month, however I would have voted for Ms. Manning as the man she is going to replace has been corrupted by the system by decades of enriching himself by supporting the MIC as most every Duopoly politician does.

The Green Party would indeed welcome Ms. Manning.

I absolutely believe in her.


I doubt there is anybody in the government now that has a fraction of her courage and strength or integrity, period