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Chelsea Manning: Big Brother Getting Worse, 'Especially in US'


There are several comments suggesting Chelsea “come over to the Green Party”. The Democratic Party has been manifestly, irreparably corrupted by its establishment rulers and needs to be entirely abandoned by the grassroots members (I did so in my state and am now registered as unaffiliated) for 2 reasons: 1) it is ruled by and for the 1%; and, 2) anyone elected as a Democrat will either be forced to submit to its dictates or be totally ignored and rendered ineffective as a member of elected government (divided they will fail).
Solution: we the people must start a new party, " People’s Progressive Party" (hopefully with the help of the Green Party). Without an organization that enters government with enough members to truly be heard we are doomed to a different kind of revolution and no one wants to see that.


Then-president Barack Obama commuted Manning’s 35-year sentence in 2017.

The POS should have pardoned her.


Chelsea Manning is one of few American soldiers to have ethics, a conscience, respect for the constitution, and courage.
As a whistleblower, she revealed American war crimes and other crimes, but she was the only one prosecuted, tortured, locked in solitary confinement.
Now that she’s free, I hope she has a successful political career.
Anyone who slags her is a traitor, loser, and a-hole.


Wow, one of the things Obama did right - commute her sentence.

Oh yeah, he locked her up in the first place - along with over a million immigrants when he came in the night and raided their homes. He locked up hundreds of thousands of children too. So I’m not giving him a pass for finally doing the right thing.


If this world is ever at last going to be a fair place for us all to live in it will take a whole lot of people like Chelsea in positions of government in all countries.