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Chelsea Manning Confirms Suicide Attempt: 'I Will Get Through This'



Dear Chelsea,
All of the powers that be- owe you a profound
apology for the capitalist Hell they have
created. I don't know your specific thoughts
and feelings, but I suspect that in a humane
and rational society, you wouldn't have such
unhappy and desperate feelings, and you
certainly wouldn't be in jail.
I am sure there are MILLIONS of Americans
who want you to receive a MEDAL for your
courageous "global patriotism".
You are vindicated as a large majority of
Americans now know the Iraq war was wrong, and we need to stop BOTH
war-mongering parties.
Love, respect, and strength to you!

Hey American people! Just one more reason we need to build the Green Party into a majority party: so we can get Chelsea, Leonard Peltier, Mumia abu-Jamal, and a million other decent people
out of "our" jails.


President Obama: Pardon all the whistleblowers who've added more transparency to Democracy!
Put secrecy behind you, and freedom of the 99% in front...no more hypocrisies!