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Chelsea Manning Confirms Suicide Attempt: 'I Will Get Through This'


Chelsea Manning Confirms Suicide Attempt: 'I Will Get Through This'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning late Monday confirmed reports that she had attempted to end her life, assuring supporters, "I will get through this."

Manning's attorneys released a statement which read in part:


Dear Chelsea,
All of the powers that be- owe you a profound
apology for the capitalist Hell they have
created. I don’t know your specific thoughts
and feelings, but I suspect that in a humane
and rational society, you wouldn’t have such
unhappy and desperate feelings, and you
certainly wouldn’t be in jail.
I am sure there are MILLIONS of Americans
who want you to receive a MEDAL for your
courageous “global patriotism”.
You are vindicated as a large majority of
Americans now know the Iraq war was wrong, and we need to stop BOTH
war-mongering parties.
Love, respect, and strength to you!

Hey American people! Just one more reason we need to build the Green Party into a majority party: so we can get Chelsea, Leonard Peltier, Mumia abu-Jamal, and a million other decent people
out of “our” jails.


President Obama: Pardon all the whistleblowers who’ve added more transparency to Democracy!
Put secrecy behind you, and freedom of the 99% in front…no more hypocrisies!