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Chelsea Manning Could Face Indefinite Solitary Confinement


Chelsea Manning Could Face Indefinite Solitary Confinement

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who is currently serving a 35-year sentence in military prison, is now facing the possibility of indefinite solitary confinement for what her supporters and lawyers say are innocuous offenses—like possessing books and magazines related to LGBTQ issues and having expired toothpaste in her cell.


Hearing Chelsea’s words here from her May Guardian column: “The things that seem consistent and clear to me are the support that I receive from my friends, my family and the millions of people all over the world.” All of us in the U.S. who want peace must keep offering our support to her in all the ways we can–it is clear this is a lifeline for her, one of our greatest benefactors, a bravest-hearted peacemaker. Free Chelsea Manning!


At his next overflow rally, someone please ask Bernie if he’d pardon Chelsea and end torture in US prisons.


Pretty chickenshit! I’ll bet they subdue her with huge hulking guards in swat gear. What a bunch of cowards!!!


Sign the petition to Bernie Sanders:

“Stand up for free speech and transparency! Pledge to pardon whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.”


Paging Franz Kafka…Franz Kafka…


…and Snowden and Sterling and Kiriakou and all other whistleblower heroes.


Manning and Snowden are the true patriots who did all Americans a favor. They deserve our thanks and not prison cells. Go f$%& yourself.


Sadly more true than ever; the real criminals are free, and continue with their fascist government!


Fascist pigs will go down in flames!!!


She told the truth (something you usually learn to do as a child) and she has been subjected to unbelievable vengeance by the US government ever since! If she isn’t the canary in the mine shaft foretelling the rise of fascism in American than no one is. Her treatment at the hands of US agencies military and otherwise has been nothing short of torture and it is beyond outrageous!


Truth tellers get in trouble, especially at times when empires are collapsing. Seems like the real issue is our penal system. The number of people we have locked up is just impossibly large. How can any society be so nuts? We need to totally outlaw solitary confinement. Never. Prisoners need to have visits from family, like overnight. The maximum sentence for the very worse thing you could ever do (think of stuff like Dick Cheney did) would get you a maximum of ten years. Then think of paying prison labor at least minimum wage, so that released prisoner have some capital to begin over with. And think of a prison where prisoners live in dorms, like maybe 12 beds, with each dorm self governing, with elected leaders. And get on with restorative justice, where the sentence is focused on correcting the harm done by the bad guy.


thanks for the link. i don’t think i made it work, though.


the sooner, the better.


That’s a great idea… hopefully he’s a different kind of politician…


If only Ms. Manning’s plight received the same media and public attention as Ms. Jenner’s.


This is destructive politics. Pvt. Manning is what he/she is, and deserves no time in prison.
I was in the the US Army for five years some time ago, so I know what I’m talking about.
This wrenches my gut. I served my time many years ago, and paid my dues. This new
administrative override angers me, and it must be abrogated. This country either becomes
honest, or it doesn’t. This political over-ride is stupid, and maladaptive.