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Chelsea Manning Ends Hunger Strike as Army OKs 'Vital' Gender Surgery


Chelsea Manning Ends Hunger Strike as Army OKs 'Vital' Gender Surgery

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning ended her hunger strike on Tuesday after the U.S. military said she would be able to receive gender transition surgery as well as other medically prescribed treatments.


A win for the good guys. Or gals, (not wanting to project any sort of sexism).


The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to so many war mongers in the past…Wouldn’t it make sense to award the next prize to Snowden, Assange, and Manning? People who have sacrificed their own freedom to promote democracy? It really cheeses me off that Obama has the Nobel Peace Prize in his trophy case while he allows our national hero Chelsea Manning to rot in solitary confinement. She is a political prisoner, and Obama is the politician keeping her there.


Jill Stein supports Chelsea Manning:


Just hoping she will get to choose the medical team; don’t think it’d be wise for her to submit to an operation executed by a team chosen by the government or the military - anaesthetists can make mistakes.


And no more talk about her hi-tech problem.




In the original article CD posted on her complaints, Chelsea was quoted as saying there were two problems, the gender change and “hi-tech” harassment that she wanted stopped. Hi-tech harassment is still something we can’t talk about, I guess.
Someone having hitech harassment, in my opinion, should not let unknown people tinker with their body.