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Chelsea Manning Faces Contempt Hearing After Refusal to Answer Grand Jury Questions

Chelsea Manning Faces Contempt Hearing After Refusal to Answer Grand Jury Questions

Julia Conley, staff writer

Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning expressed no regrets Thursday when she revealed that she faces a contempt hearing— and possible jail time—after declining to answer a grand jury's questions.

Manning appeared before a grand jury Wednesday after being subpoenaed, apparently to discuss her 2010 disclosure of government and military documents about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to Wikileaks.


I think more and more people are beginning to understand what it was like to live and survive in Nazi Germany. Your rights were not what the Weimar Constitution said they were, your rights were what der fuehrer said they were, and they could change from day to day, so you never knew whether an answer or comment made one day might be prison or a death sentence the next. Your basic rights were to do what you were assigned to do, question nothing, and when necessary, die for der fuehrer, with an outstretched arm and a loud Heil Hitler!

Keep up the good work Chelsea, you are an inspiration to us all. Remember the old adage: Illigitimi non carborundum. (Don’t let the bastards wear you down.)


Thank you Chelsea for your bravery and all your truthful efforts.


Second day in a row that I have tears in my eyes for brave Americans willing to follow a principled path and Tell the Truth in Public. Chelsea and Ilhan risk everything to do the right thing.


We have now gone full circle … the Salem Witch Trials are back. Could it be one day the statues of genociders and warmongers will be pulled down and replaced by heroes of freedom such as Chelsea Manning?


Never forget that the persecution of Assange was pushed by Obama, Hillary and James Clapper so the Trump administration is only following in their footsteps. Obama later had a moral problem with the crushing length of Manning’s sentence not with the prosecution itself; thus the commutation instead of a pardon. Also, please remember that Reality Winner is sitting in prison on a five year sentence from a kangaroo court for releasing a one page document that showed the Russian had meddled in the 2016 election after seeing everyone from the government denying it. James Comey stated that he did not have to go after all whistleblowers but only had to make an example of one just before her arrest. James Clapper, in public and on national TV, lied to Congress under oath about domestic surveillance but exposed a few weeks later by Eric Snowden. Clapper should be sitting in prison for perjury not being paid by MSNBC and CNN as a “national security consultant.”

Number of conviction for crimes exposed by Manning: zero
Number of convictions for Manning exposing crimes: one


Just further proof the U.S. is a police state. Stay safe Chelsea.


Only when the successors of such genociders and warmongers are sitting in prison or sent to death.


Reminds me of what happened to John Kiriakou. The only person who was convicted involved with the CIA torture program was the one who exposed it.


Thanks for reminding me of Mr. Kiriakou’s case.

“A private contractor has tried to prevent a lawsuit challenging their role in the torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib a total of sixteen times. Now, the lawsuit against CACI Premier Technology, filed 13 years ago, finally has a date for a trial after a federal judge denied another motion to dismiss. The trial is scheduled for April 23, 2019, in Alexandria, Virginia.” https://shadowproof.com/2019/02/28/decade-of-attempts-by-caci-to-block-abu-ghraib-torture-lawsuit-end-as-judge-sets-trial-date/


" Speak the speech, I pray thee, trippingly on the tongue."
We are the secret torturers—tomorrow, you’ll be hung!

America just gets curiouser and curiouser—and TRUTH has fallen down the rabbit hole,
The Frumious Bandersnatch is coming our way-----we need the vorpal blade of Justice to snicker snack the loons who imagine that they have anything to do with Justice! : (


Wow, Chelsea for President. She’d be heck of a lot better than the current one!


I. Am. Angry.

The state is our enemy.


Sooner or later the powers that be are going to get Chelsea Manning. I’m surprised that one of the 3 letter alphabet soup agencies haven’t put a hit on her yet. They are not people who forget what they see as direct challenges to their authority and that is what she did. It’s coming someday.

What a brave lady! She needs all the support that progressives can give her. Question: is there a GOFUNDME. site to help Chelsea?

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And the republican, NRA supporters always thought is was going to be them that had to fight a rogue government. It looks like Trump has the deck stacked against liberal America, and the constitutionally provided free press, personal rights of privacy, and perhaps soon, the right to freely travel in our own country. He technically has the military and judicial minions lined up in his corner as well.
One stroke of his power of marshal law and it’s time for any underground we have to rise.

This is not factually correct. The document released was an NSA analyst assessment of Russian hacking. There was no evidence provided of hacking and no evidence provided tying it back to a Russian intelligence agency. The public has no idea what the assessment was based on.

First we have to see how far this government is willing to back-slide. All the way to the standards of Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa?
At that point the only thing left to copy those times is the do-nothing public.