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Chelsea Manning Files Appeal Against 'Grossly Unfair and Unprecedented' Conviction


Chelsea Manning Files Appeal Against 'Grossly Unfair and Unprecedented' Conviction

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning on Wednesday filed an appeal of her conviction and sentence for releasing a trove of government and military documents to WikiLeaks.


Meanwhile Scooter Libby was convicted of revealing the identity of a CIA covert employee which in fact placed her and her contacts in jeopardy but GW Bush commuted the sentence although the conviction stands. The difference is that the public should know about illegal war crimes whereas Libby outed a covert operative and wife of a former ambassador out of sheer spite in complete disregard for her safety and those who had worked with her which harmed the interests of the USA. That was not whistle blowing but in fact a crime done for spite alone.


35 yrs.
Blatant criminality by the us gov't./mic visited on a true patriot for informing citizens of further gov't. criminality; a tough decision made on the basis of his ethical convictions as he so specified in his communications with cia sellout Lamo.


Look at it this way. If his name was Clinton he would be free and running for office instead.


Her, not his. Chelsea is no longer Bradley.

The degree to which Chelsea Manning has been buried alive by the dominant media's labeling her a traitor and by their throwing away the truth of the vast crimes she bravely brought to light, truth that might actually set us free from the chains of empire if we can broadly and bravely face this truth--this burying is a stark sign of the degree to which our society is militarized, straight-jacketed into military thought-discipline.

The "collateral murder" video is still there on the internet for all to see. The smoking guns are on video, along with sick commentary by our best-trained. But this evidence is ignored, and so murder called war goes on.

But Chelsea made an indelible impact, and impact that continues to resonate and will not stop. She gave us the truth. It's up to us whether to honor truth or not.


This is another reason why the Presidential election is important: getting some pardons for whistleblowers. The one-sided pardons of Libby and some Generals whose names I can't spell (or remember), should/could be extended to the general welfare leakers. Openness is all in governing.


I plan to vote for Jill Stein (Green Party), the only presidential candidate I'm aware of who has indicated a willingness to use the power of presidential pardon for Chelsea Manning.


Okay, first the disclaimers:
Manning's release of the damning videos was a courageous act and shows that this soldier did not check their brain or conscience at the door when they joined the Army.
The reaction of the US Army was entirely out of hand.
They should have launched an investigation into the entire command structure that allowed such an atrocity to take place. Depending on its outcome, the entire command structure should be serving hard time in Leavenworth for allowing such atrocities to take place in violation of their own guidelines for the occupation of Iraq.
All of that being said, the ACLU, Amnesty International, and the Open Society Justice Initiative are wasting their time with this filing.
That's because:
Members of the military give up their constitutional rights as soon as they take a step forward and affirm their oath of enlistment or commission.
Instead they come under the Uniform Code of Military Conduct which makes them so many chattel slaves whose owner is the US military.
This means that "justice" is whatever a courts martial proceeding says it is and can only be appealed to a higher military authority. (and guess how far such an appeal will go?!).
Fifty years ago the basic training drill sergeants encapsulated this in a short and pithy little slogan: "your ass is grass and I am the lawn mower". (Ladies especially take note!) It was the basic training equivalent of Dante's infamous sign over the underworld, "abandon all hope you who enter here".
Now, of course, none of this is ever mentioned by the recruiters. Nope, they talk about the Army helping you to "be all that you can be", the Navy being a way to "see the world", or the Air Force being "a great way of life".
If Manning deserves a legacy, it should be to educate every middle and high school student on the hypocrisy of being a member of the military where slavery still is alive and well.
Instead we get all manner of irrelevant court filings such as the one detailed above which will go nowhere except some trash bin to collect dust before they shred it beyond recognition.


Mannington reported how the military was murding innocent people yet he goes to jail.....By calling him a traitor.....convienient eh....defray the guilt away from the guilty.....His sentence is to long and undeserved....and down right criminal...The government jails whistle blowers to save their asses.