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Chelsea Manning Is Free–but Whistleblowers Still Face Prison


Chelsea Manning Is Free–but Whistleblowers Still Face Prison

Janine Jackson

Human Rights Watch is glad that Chelsea Manning is free. A statement from the group’s General Counsel’s office notes that Manning’s “absurdly disproportionate” 35-year sentence for passing classified documents to Wikileaks in 2010, commuted by Barack Obama on his last day in office, was prosecuted under the Espionage Act of 1917, which they warn still stands ready for use against the next potential whistleblower.


¿ ¿ ¿ I’ve always wondered whether one person (Pvt. Bradley Manning) could be responsible for leaking what seems like hundreds of millions of bits of intelligence to Wikileaks ?
– Wikileaks at the time was certainly advertising their ‘drop address’ for any intelligence (US and Western) anyone cared to make public.

It sure seems like people on left-wing forums like this have so little regard for the form of our (Western) society and its governments that they favor “loose lips” and “sinking ships”. …


The news still reports that she leaked classified information, not that she exposed war crimes. That’s part of the problem.


When loose lips are exposing war crimes and Constitutional violations, the leakers have a duty to expose that information. Or are you one of those ‘if the president does it, it’s not illegal’ people? Most leakers have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution, which is what they are doing by leaking. I am fuzzy on where in the Constitution it refers to non-transparent government and keeping secrets from the governed. Help me out here.

The thing about ‘left wing forums’ is that you have to be engaged and able to follow arguments to their logical conclusions to appreciate them. It’s not like a right wing forum where you open your mouth, close your eyes and tilt your head back to be fed the day’s slop.


“How many people died because of Manning’s leak?” came from none other than the New York Times‘ Judith Miller, whose front-page promotions of bad intelligence paved the way for the Iraq War.

Ms. Miller should be reminded that the answer to her question is: none. On the other hand many people are still dying, being maimed, made homeless refugees, having their homelands poisoned and destroyed because of the outrageous lies that she helped spread. But Judith Miller is an amoral sycophant, and she couldn’t care less.


The 29-year-old Manning gets to leave prison almost three decades before her sentence is up because Obama in January commuted her sentence to end on May 17. More than 100,000 people had called for the presidential commutation in a White House online petition.


It’s okay, a2 + BS, you can always take a breather from us crazy leftists and retreat to whatever right wing hell you operate from.

But while you are here…

People like yourself, who don’t give a flying cluck about justice, or peace, or truth are just fine with a Government, operating in secret as they engage in criminal behavior, just as long as that Government can feed you a big enough line of propaganda about “protecting freedom” and “standing for Democracy”.

You will WILLFULLY “fall for it” every single time.

Torture? No problem, just keep it secret. Engage in heinous war crimes? No problem, as long as the fucking slogans are good enough.

Western Civilization? I suppose you at least in part are pointing (rhetorically) to the US Constitution, right? Or even treaties, such as were signed at the Geneva Convention, right?

Next thing you know, you a proud standard bearer of Western Civilization and all, will tell me that George W. Bush was pushing that Western Civilization forward by conspiring in secret to formulate, and indeed execute a tax payer funded program of torture in violation of such treaties, born of Western Civilization and stuff like that.

You right wingers are a real hoot!

A huge cluckster cluck of lies, lies, and more lies.


Loose lips sink ships? Name one “ship” or even one life lost due to Manning’s leaks. The military couldn’t and not for lack of trying. Of course, maybe you know something they don’t. To the contrary, one can make a better case that Manning’s “loose lips” may have saved innocent lives and prevented more war crimes. An even stronger case can be made that your ignorant, flag-waving, my country right or wrong lips DO contribute to the thousands of innocent lives lost each year to this country’s policy of never ending war.


My first paragraph expressed doubts that Pvt. Bradley Manning (name at the time) was the only person responsible for all those leaks. At the time of the trial I thought that Manning was getting the whole book of accusations tossed at him, when likely there were several more who had also leaked, and escaped.

The attitude you display supports my supposition in my second paragraph, that there are people in this country such as yourself so opposed to our country as currently constituted that you favor loose lips and sunk U.S. ships. That the USA is the greatest threat to the world’s peace and prosperity. That you would echo Mr. Khan of Pakistan who said that the more nations (like his own) that have nuclear weapons and stand up to the USA, the safer the world will be.
– Note that I am not contradicting the statement that a USA tied down like Gulliver (Book 1) would be best for the world … Not yet anyway. But the world is not that simple, and there are more power plays going on than just the USA.


The appropriate usage is to use her current name and gender pronouns, even when speaking of her past.

If one is speaking about someone that others might not realize is the same person (which is not the case with Manning or Jenner, by the way) then it is appropriate in the first reference to add in parenthesis “formerly so-and-so.” But since that is not necessary with Manning it is not appropriate to do so.


Fascist much?


I’m an old fart, so been around the block a time or two, not that I know anything more than anyone else, but here are my life’s observation on how peace and prosperity work in the USA:

The MIC, Big Pharma, Big Oil and Coal, about 6 media corps, and shilling politicians populating the administrations all work for the same basic purpose: to make the rich richer, upon the backs of the expanding poor and the vanishing middle class. (Top richest 20 people in the USA have more wealth than the entire lowest 50% and the top 1% has stolen that money directly from the, mostly poor, but also middle class. In 1983 I started at UPS at $8.35 an hour. 25 years later, starting pay at UPS is about $8).

Because the masses are beholden to the lures of military service and nationalism (as a result of nationalistic brainwashing since 1st grade), they are effectively owned by big corps that fuel war. Remember, it was Eisenhower, a general, a republican, who warned us about the MIC, and he was so right.

So we have prosperity for the few,
and the masses as troops that give their lives,
so the rich can bring prosperity to themselves while waging war
and saying they are making peace.

See, I have this weird definition of Peace. It means the general state of affairs when there is NO WAR.

Anyone who think WAR brings PEACE should as well believe that snowballs disprove global warming (“climate change”, if you don’t want it to sound scary ala Frank “Faux News” Luntz).

I recently read 1984. I had to get it on inter-library loan because all were checked out (this is a red city, red state even–but even liberals lurk there in the shadows). When I did pick up, the librarian smiled and said, “That’s been extremely popular as of the last month” I checked it out about 1 month after the nightmare began.

If you have read, let me know haw far from that reality we really are.
PS: The USA is the biggest purveyor of terrorism in the world. For those that can’t see this clearly, well, I suggest they get to know current/past world affairs, and consult a dictionary on the word “terrorism”.


But on her sentence commutation, the outraged tweet “How many people died because of Manning’s leak?” came from none other than the New York Times‘ Judith Miller, whose front-page promotions of bad intelligence paved the way for the Iraq War.

Is that lying-sack-of-horseshit still working for them, or should this line read “the New York Times‘ former reporter, Judith Miller”? I know, I know, the alt-newspaper canned he as soon as her BS disappeared into the back pages and she was some degree forgotten.

Nice reporting Ms Jackson.


She should have been pardoned, but those are saved for those that merit it…like Marc Rich.