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Chelsea Manning on Obama's "Short List" for Commutation, DOJ Source Says


Chelsea Manning on Obama's "Short List" for Commutation, DOJ Source Says

Nika Knight, staff writer

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is on President Barack Obama's "short list" for a potential commutation, a Department of Justice source told NBC News, which adds that the president's decision could be announced as early as Wednesday.


If true, YAY!


"Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is on President Barack Obama's "short list" for a potential commutation"
So how much do we have to pay him to sign the document?


Imagine a country in which Chelsea Manning is imprisoned and Donald Trump is elected president. You just can't make this stuff up.


Pardon all whistleblowers. Legalize Cannabis. These would be among Obama's greatest legacies.


I'll believe it when it happens---and I'm not holding my breath.


If only Obama had a heart.

But then, if he did, he'd pardon Leonard Peltier and Edward Snowden too and those men cleared but languishing in GITMO. And if he had a heart he;d not draw this out.

But that is a very big 'if.'


Given the history of Obama, it seems unlikely that he will step up for anyone. Let's hope he does this time - just once do something because it is the right thing to do.


I will believe it when Chelsea Manning is pardoned by Obama, in the meantime, it is a good thing we are not holding our breath; otherwise, they would have to call us...blue boys.


excerpt from email from Fight for the Future today:

Not on social media? You can still help! Call the DOJ comments line and forward this email to your friends!

Here’s the number: 202-353-1555

Here’s a sample script for what to say:

“Hi, I saw on the Today Show that President Obama is considering commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence. I calling to strongly encourage him to do so. Chelsea Manning has suffered enough. She deserves to be released. Thank you.”

Chelsea has always tried to do the right thing and speak truth to power. Please, take a moment today to speak out on her behalf. This could be our last chance to get her free.

Thanks for reading,

-Evan at Fight for the Future


Manning deserves a full exoneration, not just commutation or a pardon. He did the public a great service. It's the bastards in the government who committed the acts she revealed (including Obomber) who should be in prison. She and Ed Snowden are the true patriots here. Every effing evil CIA, NSA, etc. spook are the bad guys who are not to be believed and do things for the benefit of the rich and powerful. I seriously doubt that justice will be done for any of them, including Peltier, Mumia, and Assata. Natives and uppity black people who demand their rights either get locked up for life, or murdered by the pigs in cold blood. I'm in a rather dark mood going into the Presidency of the Orange Idiot (never my President). Lewis Black is my muse (we're f#$ked, we're so f#$ked!).


This situation is so hypocritical of our gov't. But I get which leaks are ok and which are not. If it makes gov't look good, then its ok. But if it makes it look bad, then not ok. Very simple.


Imagine a country in which Chelsea Manning is President, and Donald Trump is imprisoned. I just made that up!


Obama's term is almost over. The few good things he did was end DADT, avoid war with Iran,establish diplomatic ties with Cuba & pass the ACA. He did bad things such as, bomb Libya, send drones to kill people & keep the Patriot Act. He was issued a peace prize but did nothing to earn it & did things that should make him give it up.


That's an excellent idea. Obama and the Clintons should be imprisoned too.:grinning::heart_eyes::+1::thumbsup:


Made the call. Line busy, but tried again and was able to leave message.
202-353-1555 DOJ message line. Save and Free Chelsea Manning!


How about the first black president pardon Abraham Bolden, the first black secret service agent to protect a President? He was framed on false charges and thrown in jail for boldly exposing his fellow white, racist secret service agents on Kennedy's protection detail, who had together openly declared their intention to stand down if anyone tried to assassinate their president. He had also told of the plot brewing to get rid of Kennedy just before it happened. But Bolden's conviction was upheld even by SCOTUS, despite the key witnesses recanting and publicly confessing the government forced them to perjure themselves so the group that killed Kennedy wouldn't be exposed and the secret service agents who in fact DID stand down in Dealey Plaza wouldn't be fingered for it.


I expect Obama to work on this "short list" right after he closes Gitmo, oh wait.


It's guts he's lacking....


If a person cares enough for their country to courageously reveal worrisome activities it has engaged in, it must be truly heartbreaking to be dealt a lengthy prison sentence as a reward.
Jesus: "But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." John 4:23