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Chelsea Manning Released

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/03/12/chelsea-manning-released


What the hell, I mean I’m happy she was released, but it took a suicide to get a judge to act? That’s all kinds of messed up.


She better get the hell out of the country before the bastards come up with another way to imprison her. My first choice would be Cuba, although the trans issue might be a problem. Even so…maybe Russia?




Russia despises the trans movement. More so then even the gays. From someone who once worked there.


That “kid” Chelsea is a hero and has paid dues no civilized society should have extracted. We owe her thanks, and the least we can do is find a way to defray that reprehensible fine. Also, I hope a really good trauma therapist would step up and offer free or reduced-cost treatment. She has a right to some PEACE now.


Let’s all stay alert to an announcement of a Go Fund Me site so we can help her pay off this ridiculous fine.


The photo of Chelsea Manning is an example locked now into my mind, and that is of a trans woman, veteran, who is demonstrably willing to die rather than lie so our government can prosecute a non-American truth teller (Assange). In short, one of the bravest people I know of and one who should be included into history books for her valor and example.


YAY!!! Let’s all help pay the assessed fines - $250K.

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I’m not surprised. She sure has a tough road to walk.

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If only the Republicans in the House and the Senate had exhibited a SMALL FRACTION of the courage and integrity Chelsea showed, Trump would be out of office by now, and the government (with adults at the helm) would have handled the Coronavirus threat more expeditiously. Chelsea deserves a medal of honour for her courage and conviction (so scarce these days).


When I was in Cuba there didn’t seem to be a problem for trans folks in Havana. Contrary to US beliefs, the Cuban people don’t pay a lot of attention to their government, although they are very conscious of not blatantly breaking the law. They seem to be a very independent people, given the poor state of their economy and lower standard of living, thanks to the US government’s inhumane and stupid and counterproductive blockade and sanctions.

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Fined $250K for exercising her first amendment rights??? Courtesy of the US Fourth Reich kangaroo court.

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The business of the U.S. military is to kill, torture, and oppress with impunity and it does exactly that, it is now the American way and anyone who attempts to spotlight the ruthlessness is considered a traitor. Maybe what we need is masse suicides similar to the Buddhists during the Viet Nam debacle.

In ALL her Endeavors

Chelsea Manning has exhibited Utmost Character and Honor

Our Country needs more like Ms Manning


Praise and gratitude to Chelsea Manning.


We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE! They just stole the democrat nomination from the real Democrat—Sen Bernie Sanders.

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Whoa, the fundraising to pay the outrageous court fines has been raised already!

Kevin Gosztola:

“Rather amazing show of solidarity. In two days, people raised over a quarter million to pay off the cruel fine that Judge Trenga ordered Chelsea Manning to pay, even as she was released from jail. This lifts an incredible weight.”


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New fundraiser started for Chelsea Manning’s living expenses (retweeted by Caitlin Johnstone):


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