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Chelsea Manning Says She Is 'Never Backing Down' in Response to Special Rapporteur Calling for Her Release

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/02/chelsea-manning-says-she-never-backing-down-response-special-rapporteur-calling-her


I guess I’m wondering why Chelsea wasn’t chosen “Person of the Year”.
Oh, that’s right…we live in a Fascist oligarchy, so she is considered a traitor.
Fuck thi$ government and all its slimy parts!


Isn’t it obvious, USians, that your government is a monstrous enemy of human rights? Isn’t this just as obvious today in the US as it was in the Soviet Union during the Stalin era? Isn’t it obvious that the US government is now the world’s single greatest threat to human rights? Why aren’t there movies and books coming out every day about the Great Satan, Uncle Sam, about his murderous rampages, about his theft of resources and pensions, about his crushing of free speech and persecution of whistleblowers, about his hatred of democracy, his violent imposition of dictatorships and predatory “free market” (ie, billionaire controlled) economic systems in other countries?


Just like Snowden and Assange, Chelsea is seen as threat to the Fascists so they have made their message loud and clear to any potential Fascist threats.


I have few heroes, but Chelsea is one of them.
Risking life and freedom to expose the Empire’s crimes.
Survives years of solitary confinement.
Like Assange, slagged and threatened by the most dangerous people in the world.
Now unjustly imprisoned again.
And yet, she fights on. I write her every couple of weeks.
I wish I had her strength and resolve.


And the MOST despicable thing the treatment of Manning and Assange? The fucking media NEVER goes into WHAT they were doing and WHY they were doing it!
How many idiot americans have NO CLUE WHY those two HEROES are in the situations they are in?! The fact that BOTH were doing what the dumb asses have flags flying in their yards are about: making them aware of threats to their freedom! (And I use that word loosely)

Tell you, David, no Bernie…no more ME. I am going to drop out of the political insanity as I did many years ago after being awakened to the corruption that this government runs on. Unfortunately, Dennis Kucinich came along and got my attention. In him I thought the people FINALLY had someone speaking for them and he would OBVIOUSLY win the presidency in a record landslide! I was wrong because I failed to enter into the equation the STOOPIDITY of the american people-at-large.

O.K. I’m done, my friend. Needed that vent because the nearer we get to ballots and the more bullshit I am aware of in the corporate media and the idiotic public, the more I wonder: WHY BOTHER?!


Oh I wish they were ALL just fascists, but these profiles in courage wouldn’t be in these barbaric confinements if the neoliberals among us (not meaning this site) didn’t concur.
“never again”. what bullshit


It has been said that the price of democracy is constant vigilance. It is not that Americans are stupid. They were merely not vigilant enough and not reacting more when needed in defense of their ideology. It can and must be won back but at this point it will take a determined and unrelenting effort. Chelsea Manning is setting a perfect example of this.

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Well, I call it “SELECTIVE STOOPIDITY”. Not being “vigilant” is pretty much the same thing, IMO.

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Honestly, I think that the Amerikan Empire is far worse than the USSR ever was. The Soviet Union was never really the threat to us and the world that our rabid anti-communist politicians (in both parties) made it out to be. Every move that Stalin and then later Khrushchev made militarily was almost always a purely defensive move in response to American hyper-aggression. The entire Cold War, like the “war on terror,” was based on lies and extreme paranoia of a “threat” that never really existed, or if it did, it was a mere fraction of what we were led to believe it was. The U.S. has killed tens of millions of people, decimated countries for their resources, and raped the planet more than any other country, all in the name of expanding our brand of crony capitalism and enhancing our business interests. I don’t know how anyone with a conscience can feel proud to be an American. If I could afford to leave and live in some small country that wasn’t obsessed with being “number one” or “the greatest,” I’d leave in a heartbeat.


Americans are stupid because they want to be ignorant.

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Regardless of what anyone might think of Manning, Asange, or Snowden personally, none of them did anything that merits their being locked up or forced to live in exile (like Snowden now). It’s obvious that our government is not going to give them a fair trial, as practically every politician (from both parties) regards them as traitors. The most recent reports reveal that Asange is being psychologically tortured in long periods of complete isolation in the UK.

Personally I think they are all heroes. It took a lot of guts to do what they did. They all had to know that they would pay dearly for their actions. Meanwhile psycho killers in the military like Edward Gallagher are pardoned and our soldiers are hailed as heroes for willingly signing up to fight in wars that we all know were based on lies, and are slaughtering innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11 and never threatened our country in any way. F#ck the U.S. military and this empire of destruction. I have zero respect for anyone who volunteers to be a yes-man/woman for the Amerikan war machine.


While I respect showing up at the polls and leaving the ballot blank, you should “BOTHER” because only voters get to bitch.

I say that a lot except my reason is lack of funds and age. Manning and Assange are TRUE PATRIOTS; those jailing them are vile poseurs of “protecting democracy”.

Also…Posters defending the u.s. on the recent disgusting murder-by-drone in Iran (Another article on C.D.) need to get their heads out of their collective asses and wake up to the fact that the u.s. is a terrorist country!


BULLSHIT! That is a tired old saying from back in the “america: love it or leave it” days! If voting was fair and honest and the candidates were given fairness during the campaigns and November fiascoes, then maybe I could see your point.

I was made out to be a “bad guy” because I voted for Jill Stein instead of shitty and shittier, although I can never tell which was which.

Besides, leaving a ballot blank is STILL not voting, ST.

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Nope, leaving a ballot blank is voting for none of the above.

In Nevada, that’s actually on the ballot. Every state should offer that option. So we can send a message by showing up at a booth to register purposeful non-compliance. I do it. It’s fun, man.

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Yeah, well, people don’t get the message that way. As I said, I voted for Jill and what good did it do. The only message I got was, basically: “What the fuck, man. SHE CAN’T WIN!” The point being, if I hadn’t told anyone…WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN?!


C’mon, man, look on the bright side.

Us Stein voters get two perks:

Getting unfairly blamed for Hillary’s loss.
Simultaneously taking credit for Hillary’s loss anyway.


And the conundrums just keep on comin’. (-:

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