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Chelsea Manning Supporters Launch Last-Ditch Call for Clemency

Chelsea Manning Supporters Launch Last-Ditch Call for Clemency

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With mere weeks left under an Obama presidency, advocates have launched what they describe as a last ditch effort to save national security whistleblower Chelsea Manning before Donald Trump and his team of pro-torture, anti-LGBTQ war hawks ascend to power.

She needs to be pardoned by Obama ASAP; otherwise, after 1/20/2017 she will never get another chance for a long,long time. Could even be sent to Gitmo as a terrorist for aiding and abetting the enemy!


Won’t happen. Chelsea Manning is the “example” to the rest of us in the 99% from the 1%: “Step out of line, and this will happen to you.” Manning will be repeatedly tortured when Trump and his cronies slither their way into the White House, I have no doubt. I’d be truly shocked if Obama pardoned her. There is a very good reason why Snowden and Assange are in exile; they know this is the fate that awaits them. There wouldn’t be a trial, or a jury of their peers. Just straight to prison and/or execution. Welcome to the police state, everyone. Hope you survive the experience.


I’m sure the “transparency president” will get it done, for his legacy. Oh, that’s right, his legacy is in the crapper. Chelsea is out of luck with this guy.


Obama presents the appearance of being an empathetic and caring human being. He needs to pad his legacy with humanistic acts before it’s too late. Chelsea Manning’s treatment demands that Obama steps in on her behalf. I hope he’ll do it soon. Many will think a little better about him if he does.


He never misses an opportunity to fall short of expectations.


The biggest danger is to Snowden. I think it is fairly likely he will be on a plane to the US to face the death penalty on January 21.


Unfortunately for Manning, Obama has not the inclination, character, or moral compass to do other than be a good little boy serving the oligarchy and ignore these pleas for mercy - he will do the same for all others who deserve clemency and pardon as well - maybe he will emulate Bill Clinton and pardon the current example of a Marc Rich…

The “progressive” fraud, Barack Obama, will retire to the lucrative lecture circuit or law firm without ever living up to any progressive rhetoric or issues he skillfully and deceitfully used to get elected, only to betray all who believed his lies to serve big-money and business as usual - up to and including undermining progressives leading to the elevation of Trump - a legacy of cowardice, craven capitulation and “compromise”, and collusion serving the 1%.


Is sure looks like the wrong people get incarcerated. Not one bankster went to prison. Not one. And I am also thinking right now of Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal…


…Courtesy of Trumps good capitalist gangster friend Putin (why has CD put such a short time limit on editing?)

Mumia, bad example. Mumia, aka Wesley Cook, latched on to a political prisoner meme in order to mitigate his crime of executing a policeman who stopped his brother. Obama could leave a legacy by pardoning Assange, Snowden,and Manning but he would be shunned by the MIC/MSM and forego a lucrative career. Not gonna happen. AIPAC wants war with muslims forever and they rule what’s left of America.

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Yes… pardoned… now…!!

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You are right… but, there is the chance that … the tides of fortune will change… and someone may spring her loose…along with many other … changes… who knows?

I mean, why should we have to accept this?..

Did he really shoot a police officer??? Amy Goodman has covered his story many times… I got the impression he was rail roaded…


What would keep the Donald from pardoning Manning like Gerald Ford did for Nixon (even before the trickster was tried or found guilty of anything from which to be pardoned!).
I introduce this possibility because another story that has broken today is that Melania (aka Mrs Trump) and their elementary school aged son will not be joining The Donald to live in the White House in deference to Baron’s need to complete his schooling in NYC.
Then The Donald announced that he was consulting with his staff about being able to “spend as much time in NYC as possible”. I would love to see the look on Chase Strangio’s face if such a possibility came to pass. The Donald may be more full of surprises than the Hillarynistas want to acknowledge.

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Thanks for the great links.

George saw, like a laser, through the smokescreen that tries to keep us from knowing the truth about from where all our problems originate.

He took the baton from Lenny Bruce and ran to the finish line, a man delivering the most valuable of insights and information for the common good.

He is rightly recognized as a Political and Social Savant.

In my view, a secular saint.


If Obama pardons Chelsea, it will be completely out of character.

His true character, that is.

His public persona is a textbook Sociopath’s method of saying whatever it is they think sounds the best, at any given moment, to achieve whatever it is they want, at the moment.

This is the guy who had the gall to stand alongside Pete Seeger at his inaugural, knowing full well that the promises he made to us were empty lies, soon to be trampled by his true fascist agenda.


He won’t pardon Manning. Obama, or by his other name: Barry Soetoro was a See-Eye-Aye field agent (according to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen Reports.) There’s no chance in hell, a guy like that will encourage others to pull the lid off secret war operations.

Because once it leaks into the Public Domain, it’s ours to comment on. Imagine all the sneaky chit Obama has hatched the eight years he’s been in office!

And he’s going to crash the banks on his way out like GWB did! Bailout! Bailout! We gotta save those Too-Big-To-Fail BofA banks again! Already, it’s impossible to get overseas ATM withdrawls out of BofA.

Just to leave Trump a steaming pile of wreckage to deal with.


Add Edward Snowden to the list. If there were ever someone who risked more than he did to inform Americans about what their government was doing to them, I don’t know who it might be.