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Chelsea Manning Turns 28 in Military Prison


Chelsea Manning Turns 28 in Military Prison

WASHINGTON - Today is imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s 28th birthday. She has been in prison since she was 22, and is serving a 35 year sentence for exposing some of the U.S. government’s worst abuses.

To celebrate Chelsea’s birthday and highlight the ongoing support for her fair treatment and release, Fight for the Future has launched a website that allows anyone to send Chelsea a physical birthday card with a customized message with just a few clicks.

See the website here: HappyBirthdayChelsea.com



This gets my mind wandering and imagining what Bernie would do with E Snowden and C Manning if he, despite confrontation with the wealth and duplicity of the DNC, were to win the nomination to the Democratic candidate for US President, something that would be a long shot considering the powers that be that are assembled against him like all the demons of hell. Perhaps this question of amnesty for those two truth telling, righteous people is as much a political minefield as an honest commentary regarding the necks of the Gaza Palestinians being under the jackboots of the Israeli Likud fascists. I fear Sanders could not come out of such confrontations in one piece and therefore seems to be cautiously avoiding them.