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Chelsea Manning: We Got This

Chelsea Manning: We Got This

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Almost one year has passed since Chelsea Manning was released from the U.S Army prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Manning, the most famous Army whistleblower, served seven years of a 35-year sentence for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified records about the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The day after receiving that sentence in 2014, she released a statement that read in part: “As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning.

Way to go girl! You DO got this! You will open many eyes on the way to your destiny Chelsea.


It’s too bad I’m leaving Maryland.

Public servants who put the “Truth” above their own lives are hard to find.


I voted for her in the last 2 presidential elections, and as I don’t see any candidate running this year I will probably write her in again in the coming midterms … what if all of us across the country that are sick of the duopoly voted for her, no matter what state we live in, in this November’s midterms?


#WeGotThis. What a lady! A real hero in my book! I will support her campaign in Maryland for senator.


Let’s talk about how, besides being held in solitary confinement, Manning was forced to stand at attention for hours on end & also had to be naked for prolonged periods. Pure psychological torture, & the news was leaked I am certain as a warning to other would-be whistleblowers. All under the watch of Constitutional Scholar Barack Obama, whom liberals lionize like the second coming of Ghandi. News for you: Obama could have stopped the torture with phone call, but didn’t. Instead, he went after even more whistleblowers. Ed Snowden was smart to haul ass from the USA.


Watching Chelsea Manning’s appearance on Democracy Now on March 27 was the first in my lifetime that a candidate for a national congressional seat not only addressed the real life major problems of this country, and in general the world, but looked beyond them into the background that they’re embedded in. What the Noam Chomsky(s), the Chris Hedges and few others who have the will and understanding to illuminate, here is a Senatorial candidate actually bringing to the light of day those realities. The realities of power, exploitation, xenophobia. And with a crystal clear picture of what must be done and what must be eradicated. No diplomatic nuances, no euphemisms or couched language. And as she said, no more waiting. A clarity and resolve that living through stress and hell can forge. If there’s a Judgement Day I want to stand word for word with the Chelsea Manning(s) of my species. You’re not alone, Chelsea, you’re not alone.


I think your reference is to Military Prisons. Solitary confinement actually improved under Obama and was reduced by 25% in Federal, State, and local prisons.


She’s a traitor who violated her oath rather than use official channels provided for her gripes.

A couple times, in the DN interview, Chelsea advocated the abolishing all imprisonment, judges, police. She also advocated abolishing all national borders. Otherwise, she was pretty vague on other positions - like what we would replace the current criminal justice and nation-state syatem with.

So no, I appreciate what she did in the name of transparency in state affairs and against war, but her Senate primary challenge cannot be taken seriously.

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Her gripes were with murderous US foreign policy. So what “official channels” would have helped her? Equally scandalous gunsight camera videos like the “Collateral Murder” video had been put up on youtube by the dozens by US solders for the purposes of bragging about all the “sand-nigger hajis” they enjoyed killing - so It seem that the only rule Manning broke with that was to post one of these videos in a critical anti-war context.

And, I for one, found the embassy cable leaks revealing the endless scheming imperialist plots cooked up in these nests of spies and covert violence called “embassies” to be very revealing. Every citizen - of the US and the world, should have read them.


oh please, she was exposing war crimes in the only way that could make a difference and keep herself alive.

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Oh right…“official channels” worked so well with My Lai, didn’t they?

Besides, the oath is to protect and defend the Constitution, not to cover up War Crimes.

“Just following orders.” was not sufficient at Nuremberg for the Nazis.

That helicopter crew did, however, violate their oath.

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She has little chance of winning the primary, but a strong showing might send a message to the Party, one that they need to hear.

I truly believe many of the things that Obama did during his tenure are a major part of why we have Trump now, and I’m not talking about the fact that he is half black.

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Oath schmoath, you sound like Eichman.

Agree 100%. Obama paved the way for Trump.

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One phone call from POTUS would have stopped the torture of PFC Manning. Please go defend mass murderers someplace else.

Excuse me. Show me any part of my post that was incorrect. It may mean nothing to you but I’m sure the people not sitting in solitary confinement have different views. Manning brought a lot of things into the public domain and shouldn’t have been treated as she was. But, I’ll take this as an improvement. It is not your site and I’ll post at my own discretion, just not as a reply to you.