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Chelsea Manning, Whistleblower Who Exposed US War Crimes, Barred from Canada

Chelsea Manning, Whistleblower Who Exposed US War Crimes, Barred from Canada

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Arguing that she is "inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality for having been convicted of an offense outside Canada," the Canadian government appears to have "permanently banned" whistleblower Chelsea Manning from entering the country—a discovery that prompted outrage from civil libertarians after it was reported Monday by The Intercept.


Shows us clearly what has happened to Canada and who Trudeau is.



Chelsea Manning is a Patriot.

Trump is this country’s Traitor.


She needs to understand also, that in leaving, she could be denied reentry to the US.
(They’ll make up a reason)

These days, that may not be a bad idea. Even I’ve been looking.

Recently met a Swede on a flight who suggested dual citizenship as Sweden is even having game shows that pays the relocation costs of repatriation of emigrants who left for the US in the old old days

In the end, Chelsea needs a break.
Her courage is remarkable, and we need more Patriotism like hers.
…Are You Listening Chief of Staff John Kelly !!!


A key political fact In the West: war criminals are never punished;, only those who expose them are." Greenwald

This brave lady has gone through pure hell by exposing the US war criminals. And now Canada accuses her of treason?


Cross Canada off what list? Immigration or visiting?

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Back in the 90’s my friend and I were denied entry into Canada after strip searching both of us and finding a small amount of recreational substance.

The border guards called in the Royal Canadian Police and threatened to lock us up for 4 or 5 days unless we paid them an amount which turned out to be almost everything I had in cash and travelers checks.

Yeah, I’m done with Canada too.


Those at the top of the power structure in the world are becoming nervous that they may have to relinquish some of their control soon.

So, they act like Trump to put a halt to any loosening of the reins.


The zionists , Bronfman and co., control Canadian politics. Manning exposed the war crimes of America in wars promoted by the dual-citizen zio neocons in power, a huge no-no. Peace does not yield mega profits for the MIC and CIA. The real power in America is AIPAC.

Thanks, just my 2 cents but I think it gets more difficult to meet immigration requirements the older a person is. Myself included as the thought has crossed my mind. Still there is a lot of variation within the US.

Remember when Canada stopped Amy Goodman at the border to search her papers and computer for signs she might commit an act of journalism unfriendly to the Olympics? Authoritarian, eh?


Thanks for keeping history alive and on top of the stack.


Didnt anyone tell “her” that short hair is not feminine

I was born in a U.S. Naval Hospital U.S. citizen, and I have crossed the border 5 times into Canada: Vancouver, B.C. 2 times, Sydney, B.C. two times, and one really FKED-UP Victoria, B.C. crossing into Canada, all since 2008. Canada’s custom checks are FKED-UP. In Oct. 2016 I traveled on Amtrak to the Vancouver, B.C. crossing just for the afternoon (China Town lunch) then back to the U.S. on the 5:30pm trip back, same day to the states. I have a squeaky clean record, current passport, and the Canadian customs agent was like a full gestapo interrogation, after what seemed like forever, I was given my passport back and allowed to pass into Canada with a no welcome to Canada what so ever, just plain rudeness from the customs agent. Never will I ever, ever go to Canada again! Tip, in 2003 I crossed into Tijuana, Mexico no customs just friendlyness, and I have crossed about 3 dozens times into Tijuana through the years 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and so on never a customs agent, super friendly entries into Mexico. Finally, for all the people thinking about heading to Canada to get away from Trump, wrong direction. Southern Mexico in the indigenous areas, hint near Yucatan. Safe Travels, and good luck!


wlaw –

As far as I know, our Congress has always been majority male, white and Christian.

But, nonetheless, they have succeeded in total betrayal of American citizens.

As did our Founding Fathers in actually creating an “Elite Patriarchy.”


Granted, AIPAC has too much power, which has been granted to them by
corrupt members of our own government.

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All my crossings into Canada (Western New York/Ontario) have been friendly and cordial - the agent typically being a woman of non-European-descent. The crossings back into the US, not so nice - they are all white male fascist thugs to a person.


I doubt that Ms. Manning is going to be allowed into any other country either. They all have rules against admitting people with past felony convictions and any non-corrupt country that follows rule of law does not allow arbitrary exceptions to the law on their books.

In the case of Canada, even just a past DUI disqualifies a person from entry, forever, unless they hire a lawyer and go though a “certified rehabilitated criminal” application process.

Ms. Manning should probably try to apply for such a status.


Chelsea should try Scandinavia, she will be allowed entry. Canada’s Customs think to highly of themselves, self- important. Canadian people beautiful.

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O Canada! I am so disappointed in this decision by your authorities. Her “crime” was simply giving Americans (and the world) the TRUTH !!!

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What a stupid asinine remark!