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Chelsea Manning, Whistleblower Who Exposed US War Crimes, Barred from Canada

Approximately 30,000 Americans left the USA for Canada, seeking refuge from the Vietnam war- They were graciously accepted by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Government-
Now, Chelsea Manning is refused entry for telling the truth about our crimminal actions in Iraq- My how times have changed for the worse!


U.S. Progressives often ascribe to Canada far more progressive policies than the realty. Yes, the universal health care is far ahead of our benighted country but like us, our northern neighbor tends to be dominated by corporate interests, no matter which party is in power.


See-----You can have national healthcare and still be a corporate police state.


She gave us the truth, but like all past great Truth Tellers from Gandhi to MLK to Malcolm X to Victor Jara to Archbishop Romero to Berta Cameras there is a cost - and in the case of all of the latter members of the list, they paid the ultimate cost. That is why people who do it are so exceptional. So I really can’t get too worked up about this incident. It is a magnitude 1.5 on the logarithmic outrage scale.

As sad and morally bankrupt as this story is, it provides further documentation that governments – all governments – are protectors of the interests of the ruling elites … whether those ruling elites are in the capitalist class, the highest echelons of religion, or the military.


What a transphobic, asswipe remark!


Pierre Trudeau would be ashamed of Justin Trudeau.


I’m sorry to hear they gave you grief… literally trouble in paradise. Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are Canada at nearly its finest.

Not to mention how far Canada has fallen since the 60s when our draft dodgers were running up there to escape Vietnam … like you said, sure tells us what an ‘obama’ Trudeau is. Reprehensible!

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You sound like a total clucking dickhead. Let me guess, you drive a bad ass truck like a bad ass jerk (apologies to the .001% of bad ass truck drivers who don’t drive like bad ass jerks) and you voted for super dickhead Trump.

Be gone already.

I am somewhat in with this decision.
Chelsea commited her actions on American soil.
American law applied.
That same act, done in Canada has Canadian law applied, as we have learned, or might know already, and can be different.
Chelsea’s story accepts responsibility for intent regardless the merit of said intent.
Why visit another country, thinking your intent does not carry with it that same act of privilege previously asserted by suddenly calling it an immutable right?
Makes no sense?
Quite possibly, neither does the Chelsea ‘think’ on it.


There are a lot of countries that have retirement visas that allow for permanent residence for American retirees.

Been through there the Gulf Islands on Washington state ferries a couple times; however, like in Victoria when your backpacking trip is going really really great in the Washington State Olympic peninsula, Makah Indian Nation Neah Bay, Kalaloch Beach, etc. then the Canadian customs agents in Victoria just grilling you, grilling you gestapo interrogation style, pushing buttons, pushing buttons. I finally told them hey I am just here for one night and I dumped $400 on the counter told her do you think this will cover it for a night at the Mac Donald Campground in Sidney before I catch the Washington State Ferry the next mourning to Washington State. To the other customs agent I said I will empty my backpack right here on the floor and you can have at it. he just took my backpack away from me to another room to run it though a CAT-Scan machine or something who knows big Canadian customs secret he brings it back and gives it to me. she finally says to me we don’t want you to become a burden on the Canadian system. I said oh my god what. she even seen my lease agreement, before she said that statement for where I live to prove where I live. I am really boiling now, I really wanted to say to her, so I can take up sidewalk space from the Canadian citizens who Canada has thrown away and cares less than a damn about. I traveled on Europe -Rail, Mexico etc.no problems great. Canadian customs can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine I will take my money elsewhere, it is a big, big world. Tip, I have cousins in Norway and it is Croatia that Norwegians love to visit, I think I will go there Croatia, no customs Ass-Holes reportedly.

Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis all wore short hair during their careers. Not feminine? Worse than insulting every woman who chooses to wear their hair short, you have insulted Manning, who is finally able to grow out her hair after the harsh treatment she received while incarcerated. Shame on you.

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I like temperate climates and seasons, so I still am hoping to retire in appealingly unfashionable Nova Scotia - Canada’s Appalachia - but with a beautiful sea coast. It is the only place where I can hope to buy a house with the cash I get for my current rust-belt house. I will have to bend some rules, because Canada does NOT give permanent residency to retirees - even though our retirement pay would be beneficial to economically declining places like the Nova Scotia or New Brunswick - probably even offsetting the cost to the provincial healthcare program.

It was a trolling snark. Ignore it. Don’t feed the troll.

I just sent the Canadian Chamber of comerce the headline of this story. I then stated that I will now boycott all things canadian. I encourage you all to do the same.
The pigs are running the world and must be stopped any way possible. Peacfull protests won’t cut it.

Thanks very much. Interesting, I’ve known a few people that did that but for one reason or another had to come back. I guess it is an individual decision. I like the energy of the Pacific Rim it is much higher although unstable than many places Anyway, thanks.