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Chelsea Manning Will Be Released Next Week And Finally Get A First Chance At Life


Chelsea Manning Will Be Released Next Week And Finally Get A First Chance At Life

Kevin Gosztola

Chelsea Manning will be released from military prison at Fort Leavenworth next week. She will finally get a chance to be herself without having to conform to the rigid guidelines or expectations of the United States Army.

News media are undoubtedly clamoring for an “exclusive” interview with Manning after she leaves prison. One can imagine the atrocious template, which has persisted, that they probably will call upon once more for her introduction.


portion of email from Evan at FFTF today:

"Chelsea’s attorney has launched a GoFundMe campaign to make sure that her basic survival needs are met in the coming year as she transitions back into society. Will you chip in to support her?

Thousands of people have already donated to make sure that Chelsea has food to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over her head as she re-enters the free world.

Here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/welcomehomechelsea


I have already sent some $.

She is a hero.


Incredible courage and grace is Chelsea.


"...Officials who made Hyperbolic and Baseless statements about the Damage she allegedly did to the United States."

Damage to the United States.

Let's see what the Powers that Now Be have done to the United States :

Murder a sitting, duly elected President who was about to ensure World Peace, a half century ago.

Begin, days after said Murder, a War of Aggression on Viet Nam, fracturing our American Social Fabric, in the bargain.

False Flag 9/11 resulting in Invasions, and Destructions, of Multi Sovereign Nations, causing said Native Inhabitants (who, demonstrably, can hold a Grudge for centuries) to justifiably Hate the Ones Who Did This To Them.

False Flag 9/11 resulting in the Constitution being openly disparaged, as per W, like an Old Sheet of Paper.

You know, Damage to the United States.

Chelsea is Anathema to this bunch, but a Righteous, Living Martyr to what America was supposed to have been all these years. ( "supposed to" being the operative word, not forgiving what was done to Native Americans, and Africans Kidnapped to Enslavement.)


A true hero and a very brave person!


May 17, A new birthday, a new freedom for Chelsea. (I just wish she'd chosen a different name.) I wish her all the best.

Also, I have to question this sentence, "She now can have private moments without being watched by military officers, journalists, or the public."

Where is that? I want to go there too. Given what we have learned subsequently to her acts, ones that have inspired others to let the public know just how we are all being watched by the US military, I don't think there's probably anywhere that meets this definition. But now she will have the simulacrum of privacy we all have and that's worth something but I'm not sure what exactly.


Excellent post! You just saved me a post..thanks.