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Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Confirm Whistleblower was Hospitalized


Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Confirm Whistleblower was Hospitalized

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Lawyers for jailed whistleblower Chelsea Manning confirmed on Friday that the former U.S. soldier was hospitalized and is under medical supervision following reports of a health crisis and virtual silence from the Department of Defense.

"The prison has notified us that Chelsea was hospitalized and remains under a doctor's care," Nancy Hollander, one of Manning's attorneys, said Friday.


the u.s. military lost all pretense of "honor" as far back as the era of "body counts" to determine whether hearts and minds were being won ... the usa honours its war criminals with state diners and libraries and her true heroes and champions of righteousness, liberty and freedom with prison, exile and assassination with the full-authority and powers of the state. if telling the truth can land manning in prison or snowden in the moscow airport - it can happen to you, too, citizen!


The era of incomplete news coverage.

Today's headline 'Chelsea Manning' refers to the one-time soldier once named Bradley Manning. Well, Bradley or Chelsea is the one who has to live with what's in his/her head.

The entire leak to WikiLeaks was blamed on Bradley Manning (the name he was using at the time). I haven't heard the how they identified Bradley Manning to be the leaker. This also seems contrary to Julian Assange's purpose, which was to provide a drop-box where anyone could leak US (or other nation's) secrets that shouldn't be secret. -- I haven't heard of anything on WikiLeaks that came from anyplace or anyone else but Bradley Manning.


Isn't accuracy important any more? Chelsea Manning is NOT a 'former U.S. soldier' as the reporter says, nor a 'one-time soldier' as commenter a2plusb2 states. She is and will remain Pvt. E-1 until she is discharged from the army. That will happen after she completes her sentence or, one hopes, much sooner, when this travesty of justice is ended by other means.