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Chelsea Manning's Persevering Spirit Shines In Interview For ABC's 'Nightline'


Chelsea Manning's Persevering Spirit Shines In Interview For ABC's 'Nightline'

Kevin Gosztola

Whether in an imperfect or hostile setting, Chelsea Manning’s persevering spirit and humanity never fails to shine. That was certainly the case in her exclusive interview for “Nightline” on ABC.

The United States Army whistleblower describes her military prison life at Fort Leavenworth as a daily fight for survival. She shares how it was profound and moving when she finally was able to hug her attorneys because her sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama.


The real disgrace is that Obama didn't pardon her, but only commuted her sentence. She will be stuck with a felony conviction unless her appeals are successful.


Gosztola was one of the few who had the courage and bravery to go into the Manning trial and report on it - and with very limited resources. Those were not easy times. Where was the corporate media then? Keep up your integrity and independence Kevin.


If our animal species ascends to the elevated status of humans like Manning did, it would be through love and peace, not hate and war.

Direct Democracy


She is a brave person and a principled person, I respect and admire her courage in sacrificing 7 years or more of her life for our country, exposing the crimes of government.

Obama was such a moral midget that he allowed the case to go, he could have stopped it if he had been half as principled as Manning was.


Let's compare. ABC has an uplifting interview with a courageous woman who has suffered because of a need to do the right thing while NBC, that "liberal" network, has an interview with Sandy-Hook-Was-Faked Alex Jones in an attempt at ratings for their high dollar, failing interviewee. All local NBC affiliates should refuse to carry the Megyn Kelly interview as they are doing in Connecticut.


Manning isn't brave, manning isn't a principled person, Manning is a convicted traitor to our nation. He should have been forced to serve out the entire 35 years for his treason. Forgetting his gender confusion for a moment, he took an oath of office to defend his nation. He betrayed that oath. He might have been acting out of political ideology had he released one top secret document related to an issue , an order that he felt morally must reach the light of day. But for him to release 700,000 documents without care of how it would impact the people, the politics and our nation is unforgivable. I am a m-f TS and his betrayal is not about freedom of speech, it is about a violation of his personal obligation to our country.


Your ignorance of treason is very typical of today's belligerent Americans, and it reflects an equal ignorance of the US Constitution and its principles in general. If you want to be informed, try reading Article 3 Section III of the document. You would be unpleasantly surprised to find out how wrong you are.

Manning paid a very heavy price for her principled actions in exposing government crimes.

If there are any traitors involved here, it is those who defend government crimes.