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Chevron Whistleblower Leaks 'Smoking Gun' in Case of Ecuadorian Oil Spill



Chevron will never be prosecuted for this or any other crime. But this whistle blower will be.


corporate greed and corruption will never end. Ethics mean nothing to most anymore, just the bottom dollar. The fact that these people can joke about the destruction they created is disgusting.


Chevron executives need to face the World Criminal Court.


Caught black handed


For crimes of this magnitude people should be locked up. It will never happen because US and many international courts are owned by the corporations. They only punish little people for stepping out of line.


Charge all the banking and energy execs with crimes against humanity and try them in the Haigue. They manipulate and rob us. We don't need any of them. Concentrated wealth is humanities Achilles heal.


How about we have as many people as possible, who can do it, get off fossil fuels... any which way they can, whether it be by renweables, or just giving up modern society and going "dark"... or at least as close as possible.... and by that, I mean, we cannot expect people to give up most of the medical benefits that we have today...if every one of us is not going to do so.....
So, by millions of us, who want to and can, lowering demand for fff's... we can maybe bring down the ff companies.....over time, more people may want to drop out of the rat race... and we can rid ourselves of the rat poison that ff's... really are..... again, i say only those who want to and can.... give up the ff use.... I will be doing something along those lines once my 15 year old graduates... she's in 9 the grade now... I'd do it sooner, but I have a husband...too...


It's also about racism. Capitalism breeds disdain for indigenous people and corporate rule depends upon it.


I absolutely disagree, you show no courage, faith or back bone, the only way the people will lose is if they give up trying. Trust me this is yet another shot at the giant's balls he doesn't feel it much now but you wait and keep shooting and watch this Chevron monster collapse and break up to pieces. NEVER EVER GIVE UP TRYING.


They also breed disdain for the planet's wild life, animal species and those who cannot defend themselves. Capitalism is the enemy of life on earth.


Obama's in their back pocket already, he sometimes acts like he is free


That maybe so but there is another court, that of the people turning their backs to Chevron, information is power, so let's spread the word far and wide. They hate bad publicity, because information is power.


I notice that the International (or World) Criminal Court renders no judgments that become public. I wonder if they prosecute at all.