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Chicago on the Brink After Release of New Police Killing Video

Chicago on the Brink After Release of New Police Killing Video

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Outraged citizens of Chicago say they are taking to the streets Monday night after the Cook County State's Attorney on Monday announced there will be no charges filed against the police officer who fatally shot Ronald Johnson III, a black man, last year—a decision that was prompted by what Johnson's family attorney described as "a whitewash, a cover-up."

From the article:

Johnson’s mother, Dorothy Holmes, told reporters Monday that she was “very upset” it took Alvarez 13 months to release the video of the shooting and that the allegation that Johnson was carrying a gun at the time was a “bald-faced lie.” Holmes vowed that she won’t stop “until I get what I want for him, and that’s justice.” Family attorney Michael Oppenheimer challenged the state attorney’s claims that Johnson carried a weapon, saying a gun was planted and that witnesses testified that police told them what to say. Oppenheimer also described the state attorney’s press conference, which used blown-up visuals—that Alvarez herself described as “grainy, dark (and) blurry”—to prove their allegations, as a “27-minute infomercial.”
The Guardian reports: Assistant state’s attorney Lynn McCarthy showed an image enhanced by an FBI computer forensics laboratory, which she said showed that Johnson was carrying a gun in his right hand when he was shot by Hernandez. Police witnesses told investigators a gun was recovered from Johnson’s body after the shooting. Responding to a reporter’s question, Alvarez did not state explicitly that the video showed that Johnson was armed. “I’m looking at this, and it appears to be an object in there,” she said.

So what these officials are saying, is that if a cop says he thought you had something that might be a gun - NOT that you were shooting, or that you were threatening anyone, or that you were threatening the cop, or even that he KNEW you had a gun, but that the cop THOUGHT you had a gun - then they can shoot you dead, no problem.


To watch the videos of the police assassinating people shooting them in the back while running away what cowards. The police unions are unafraid of the government. It always amazes me how uninformed the public really is. The mayor and police chiefs have no power over the police The DOJ the FBI have no power over the police. Repeat The mayor, police chiefs, counsel members have no power over the police. The police unions in every city has all the power to hold police officers accountable. If you get rid of the police unions only then can police officers be held accountable for murder. The police thru the unions have special immunity to kill anyone for any reason and never be held accountable. This will continue to happen until we focus on the police unions and the FOP.

They need to start charging officials who cover up and lie as accessories after the fact. How is what she is doing any different from a citizen harboring a criminal knowing full well he/she is guilty?