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Chicago Police 'Disappeared' Over 7,000 People to Notorious Homan Square


Chicago Police 'Disappeared' Over 7,000 People to Notorious Homan Square

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Police in Chicago kidnapped and imprisoned more than 7,000 people between 2004 and 2015 at the secret interrogation warehouse now known publicly as Homan Square, according to new reporting by the Guardian.

Nearly 6,000 of the disappeared were black, which is proportionately more than double the city's black population and 82.2 percent of the 7,185 total individuals sent to the facility. An additional 11.8 percent were Hispanic and 5.5 percent were white.


Homan Square...sounds like this travesty/miscarriage of justice/police brutality/oppression/racism/racial profiling took place somewhere in China where such actions by police, government officials and warring factions is commonplace. Well, this just blows American "exceptionalism" all to pieces. And as for "America being a shining city upon a hill"...well, I guess St Raygun got it all wrong. Administrative oversight of the police in Chicago depends on how much graft is paid (a lot of "blind eyes" are turned to be sure)...from the mayor's office on down.... Hey, Rahm...nice going...this will look great on your record. And Richard Daly, well, business as usual back in your day.


This is only about 15 people a week, every week, for about 700 weeks. Shucks, the Pinochet Gov't.; under the direction of Kissinger & Ass. had about the same burn rate, I believe. Even if the Chicago police tripled the rate of disappearances; by my calculations, Lake Michigan would not be full of bodies until well after Climate Change had frozen the entire Great Lakes region. This is a pressing problem, really? We, as the greatest democracy in the world; as opposed to say the Scandinavian Commie countries must remember that much is required of all of us until we defeat Global Terrorism. I called Homeland Security and they assured me that as long as I stayed locked in my home here in Portland I was probably safe from ending up in Lake Michigan. You know, the place where David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and our current Fearless Leader strolled along the sidewalk, plotting how to make America great again. Sort of The Three Musketeers, I reckon.


And, don't forget the Concentration Camps built for FEMA by Bush. They are still there, still maintained, still ready for "guests" whenever the POTUS feels particularly paranoid, or the Military says, "Now is the time."


Let's not forget it was the University of Chicago boys who reworked the Chilean economy. Good thing no one important in the states is associated with that school--oh shit, never mind...


To paraphrase the old saw, " we have met the enemy and their uniforms and weapons look a lot like the ones freedom fighters for democratic principles are using in the MENA. " What are the odds of that happening? Shhhheeessshhh!


Any officer who kidnapped individuals to Homan needs to be charged accordingly.
And like we negotiate with all such Gang members, we'll give them a plea agreement if they will be informants against their fellow Gangsters, especially Gang leaders.
And when did we have to request the DOJ to investigate kidnapping.


What should happen:

Prez orders National Guard troops to take over Homan Square, begins investigation and arrests of those involved.

What will happen:

If there's enough outcry there may be an investigation by the DOJ lasting longer than the public's indignation/memory.


And, remember Bill and Hillary were big fans of Short Attention Span Theatre. Probably just a Chicago thing, right? Kind of like the Kern Report. You remember the Kern Report, right?


Let's see here - 7000 people savagely denied their rights as citizens under the 4th, 5th 6th and 8th Amendments. Yet the chances of them seeing compensation for the loss of their rights is slim to none - it requires an army of lawyers collecting more than a million dollars in fees to assert those rights. And, of course, there is no law anywhere that prescribes criminal penalties - imprisonment - for those responsible for violating another's constitutional rights. Presumably after a long drawn-out legal process, those who get their rights violated get some money or something.

Is the US constitution useless or what?

Are poor people's (especially poor black people's) ability to assert their human rights rendered so impossible other countries too?


And of course, we only learned of this this crime in the capital city of the US heartland from a newspaper 4500 miles away, across an ocean, in a distant country.


good to know those powerhouse chicago newsies were all over this one.

and still, gotta try to pass the buck to a complicit DOJ to get cover.

end this crap now peacefully or we'll do it for you.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Well, the Marx Brothers was completely out, for sure. And, so were the 3 Stooges, too. Funny that? 3 Amigos could of worked in Chicago, even though one of those guys was originally from Canada. Horrible movie, btw. Tinkers to Evans to Chance is a little hard to figure for the womens in our reading audience; :sunglasses: so yeah, I'm comfortable with my choice.


Obviously you've never been to Portland. The Pacific is 65 miles away and the Portland Police ride bikes and horses here to save gas and protect the environment, I'm told. Chicago Police aren't allowed to leave the state of Illinois for fear of being arrested, from what I've heard. Plus, bodies float in salt water much easier unless weighted down. But don't take my word for it, ask the Honorable Sec. of State, Dr. Henry K.


When a city commits crimes against thousands of civilians in the name of the drug war, the first question to ask is whether voiding the heart of the United States Constitution is a crime against the whole of our democracy worthy of giving jail time to the offenders. Which people knew, which officials were in charge and which public servants were "just following orders", which would still be a crime.


Remember that the Chicago Police were trained by elements of the notorious Mossad. I am not making this up. Israel, Rahm Emmanuel's real country, got the contract to train Chicago Police up to Israeli "Standards".

Gov Rahm fought in the IDF and knows how to "disappear" people.


Why wasn't Barry aware of what was going on in his own backyard?


Gotta love Amerikkka. Land of the brave and Home of the free. No Nazi, red neck anti-Constitutional douché bags here. No sir. Justice and Bill of Rights protect the innocent and accused. Just joking. Cops don't give a shit for law and order. Amerikkka, love it or leave it.