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Chicago Police Routinely, 'Systemically' Abused Civil Rights: DOJ


Chicago Police Routinely, 'Systemically' Abused Civil Rights: DOJ

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Chicago police systematically violated people's civil rights by routinely using excessive force, particularly against African-Americans and Latinos, according to a bombshell report (pdf) from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) released Friday.


These investigation all come to the same conclusion--in time, often years later. Corruption, abuse, racial profiling, excessive force, excessive use of weapons (gun and tasers), etc. Changes are always recommended and never, NEVER put in place.

This has played out with the LAPD for decades. Oakland PD. SFPD. Chicago PD. Detroit PD. NYPD.Ferguson PD. And on and on and on, but nothing changes. In fact, the conditions have grown and gotten worse as the PDs have been militarized and cops are not held accountable. We are in a Police State. The incident in AZ where the civilian came to the assistance of the officer shot twice and was being beaten to death, killed the attacker and saved the officers life. He is being praised as a hero and was legally authorized to be carrying. That being said some are demanding he be charged

This is the insane world we now live in. All police officers now possess more rights (even to commit murder) than we do. Trump is so evil because he wants to make peace with Putin and the war lovers want him (Putin or Trump or both) dead and Russia nuked. If Golden Showers makes him really, really bigly bad, give me him instead of HRC and O. The last two seem determined to destroy the planet. It must be something in the water that turned our professional politicians to this demented, very deranged dark side.


And the police wonder and complain that cop murders are up. What do they expect? If we don't get the police under control (and the same laws as everyone else) there will be anarchy. Frankly, I am only surprised that the number of cop shootings isn't increasing at the same pace as murders of civilians by police.



"If we can find out what you're afraid of, we can label it!"

Any actual Follow-Up Actions planned?