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Chicago Police Secretly Detain, Abuse Americans at Domestic 'Black Site': The Guardian



Well gee ...sounds lime they're getting ready for us....


Thanks to CD for this article. I lived in Chicago for thirty years and never heard word one about this. Although I normally shun the local Chicago main stream media, I'll be watching for mention of this today.


Homan square the Chicago police chief along with all those Mafioso officials who have participated in this criminal activity.


I think this article was written by someone in a dream? The site is where CPD handles organized crime, undercover work on drugs and gangs, and yes, SWAT. Of course its a closed facility! Any anyone with a basic familiarity with CPD ops knows about it; the bad guys certainly know what it is. It's not a district police station where anyone can just walk in the front door and talk to a desk officer - that service doesn't do much to protect undercover police officers. As for the activities claimed in this article, it's been proven that can be done at any police station, so don't consider Homan some special place or threat for that. Love the dramatic prose though and the select pic (the site is an old Sears Roebuck warehouse complex) - great writing even if perhaps carried over from the fictional writing for that supplementary e-book income...


WTF seriously. Who DO you work for?
A lawyer, cited in the article, says that this blackish-op horror is an Open Secret, that its a known known...as Rummy would say, and you react with total, IMHO, BS about ebooks and other bs nonsense.
If the police really truly arrest someone, they had better fukking read them their Miranda and book 'em in a station, not bring people to some little shop of horrors.
The system is obviously totally broken if this is the new normal for policing.


Wrong. Unfortunately they ARE ready for us.


Anyone who even knows about this that are in the 'loop' should be indicted, prosecuted and jailed, period, paragraph. Phkn pathetic animals.