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Chicago Protesters Disrupt Black Friday to Demand Justice for Laquan McDonald



The police murder of Laquan McDonald on October 20, 2014, in many current reports is incomplete. Immediately after the murder, video feeds from a fast-food chain across the street were erased/deleted by cops and a witness was taken to a station and pressured to recant her testimony of what she saw. Police initially lied about the facts of the murder until the video surfaced. There is an unconfirmed report of a second video of cops erasing/deleting the 86 minute Burger-King video; clear evidence of another crime if true! "In an interview with NPR on Wednesday, Craig Futterman, a Chicago attorney who aggressively lobbied for the release of the dashcam video, said there was evidence to back up Darshane's claim from other Burger King employees."

"The Burger King cameras had seven different video files. The officer went into the Burger King, and he erased all seven of those files," Futterman said. "The irony is, though, that the Burger King surveillance video was running while the officer erased them. And so there's a videotape of the officer erasing the video." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/laquan-mcdonald-burger-king-video_5655c5abe4b072e9d1c1469b


The fact that the killer-cop was NOT indicted until the dash-cam video evidence of the truth was forced to be released as well as other facts show a massive cover-up and conspiracy to evade justice by Chicago officials and police and perhaps the Feds!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is complicit for not calling for an indictment of a clear murder! The prosecutor who delayed for over a year to indict with clear video evidence of the brutal murder is complicit, and others in the AG's office are likewise complicit in the cover-up and failure to fulfill their oaths of office! "City officials resisted legal challenges to release the footage for almost a year". The fox CANNOT investigate hen-house killings! "Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration had long sought to keep (the dash-cam video) out of public view"

This is a Federal case, or should be, but Obama's long-time friend, adviser, and ex-Chief of Staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as well as Obama's history in Chicago politics HAS perhaps influenced the timing and focus of the FBI investigation begun in mid-April 2015 (6 months after the killing), and contributed to the cover-up and conspiracy!! Has the public heard anything on this egregious case until the judge ordered the video released? NO!
"federal authorities confirmed the FBI is leading a criminal probe of the officer who fired the barrage of shots. According to a statement by U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon, the joint investigation also involves the Cook County state's attorney's office and the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates police misconduct."

Where is the indictment for conspiracy? Where is the reporting of the FULL story here? The Chicago police and prosecutors will try to blame the one cop, then rig his trial. Charging the cop with 1st degree murder as they did is hard to prove and may be the first move to rig the trial and continue the cover-up and conspiracy. Destroying evidence, coerce witnesses, and delay/manipulate indictment are ALL designed to evade justice! Prosecutors are just cops in suits! There MUST be more indictments for destruction of evidence and conspiracy, AND robust Federal prosecution!!







"We need a massive demonstration. And a massive quest for justice.": Absolutely. Targeting Black Friday is a good start and why not expand it to Wall Street--the Belly of the Beast? Also, total, rolling non cooperation starting in cities such as Chicago, NY, LA, etc.--no rent--put it in escrow, no banking--pull your money out, don't drive, no public transportation--walk, cycle; occupy the streets, the jails. This is sure to stop the machine while you tie it up in courts. Folks from the rural areas will bring in food for the resisters.

As Bernie is fond of repeating: Enough IS enough!


Thanks for taking the time to point all this out and providing all the links--we need more human beings like you that do give a damn.


Right back at ya Giovanna!


Every copy I've seen of Laquan McDonald’s murder video did not include the audio.
This one does. It is sickening.


That is the first video of the shooting I have seen with audio as well, it adds another layer of horror to the execution of this young man and is, as you say, sickening. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention MountainMan.


Listen for the first 10 shots, then 9 seconds of no
shooting, then 7 more shots to finish him. The shots time exactly with
impact spray coming from the body. The audio provides undeniable
evidence of premeditated murder, which is likely the reason that
Chicago authorities have been denying its existence.


Thank you--you are so correct! Such a clear case here of criminality to the mayor's office and, as you say, quite possibly to the presidency. White supremacy blue wall on full display, and the wall needs to come down.


Targeting the shopping mania on Black Friday is a good start, but did it have any real effect? I am asking because i really do not know, since the media was covering Colorado Springs 24/7 and cops were once again praised up and down, just like after Paris.

Between endless, day after day coverage of Paris, ISIS and now Colorado Springs all the other demonstrations, protests and marches have faded into the background.


Mayor Rahm "it up your azz" Emanuel, is bound and determined to turn Chicago into another Israel Hell. He's even got police torture going on according to another CD article.

Can you believe it?


In Seattle , about 750 Black Lives Matter supporters demonstrated at the Westlake Mall and Westlake Park at the Christmas tree lighting . Police completely blocked off one of the mall entrances to both shoppers and demonstrators in an attempt to isolate the demonstrators . Coverage by the local TV news channels was completely hostile to the Black Lives Matter protesters present . There was not a single interview with any of them . Shots of them were so brief it was almost impossible to read their placards . All interviews were with pissed-off shoppers : How dare those bad mannered people try to spoil such an event of sweetness and light with their negativity ? [I paraphrase.] Why , they even made it difficult for some people to view the Christmas tree ! And one group of them went so far as to release balloons emblazoned with F%CK THE POLICE . What horror ! Why , the little children present would be traumatised forever by the sight of said balloons !
To underscore the irony , one of the hand-lettered , handpainted placards read TAMIR RICE WAS KILLED FOR BEING A CHILD . One of the prominent demonstrators was Marilyn Covarrubias , whose son , Daniel , was killed by Seattle cops in April hiding behind a pile of wood in a lumberyard in April this year . Police , in their ritual self-exculpation , claimed he was pointing his cellphone at them like a gun . The Seattle Times at least covered the protesters point of view as well as that of the police and irritated shoppers , but 10 times more people see the TV coverage as read the print media . I have never seen more stringent censorship than the TV coverage of that event .